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11 easy ways to increase your organic click-through rate


Do you want to improve your organic traffic and increase your organic click rate on your website? Here we’ve outlined some key ways you can improve your click-through rate. This should not be confused with pay per click advertising. To help you better understand organic CTR and how you can improve it, we’ve simplified the concept.

What is organic click rate?

Organic click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio that measures the total number of users who clicked on an organic result to the total number of impressions or searches performed on that particular term.

Therefore impressions / clicks = CTR

This largely depends on a website’s Google search ranking as users tend to click on options that appear above.

Why is CTR important?

Click through rate is one of the most important factors in determining how your business is doing. You will get to know your SERP ranking (Search Engine Results Page) and on this basis you will be able to put together your SEO budget and work on improving it.

Your click-through rate has to be good as it will help you improve your SERP ranking which will ultimately lead to more organic traffic to your website.

11 ways to improve organic click-through rate

To help you improve your organic click through rate, we’ve listed a few techniques below:

1. Write good meta descriptions

If you search for something on Google just under the title of the page, you can find a small description of what is in it. This is the meta description and takes up an essential part of a SERP entry.

Make sure it is written in such a way that it gets your content out to the audience in the most compelling way possible to improve click through rate.

2. Come up with catchy titles

Even before the meta description, the first thing that will get a person to click on an option is its title. Some ways you can increase your organic click-through rate are:

Don’t use heavy title tags as these will be so boring to not only your audience but search engine bots as well that they won’t be good for viewers.
Use parentheses as they have resulted in a 40% increase in clicks, according to one study.
Numbers go well with the audience. So try to number your titles as you did before.
You should also check how your headlines are being received by audiences through Facebook and other social ads, or just use a headline analyzer.

3. Create descriptive URLs

Typically, users click on options that easily describe what they are looking for. For this reason, it has been observed that descriptive URLs are better at improving the click-through rate.

Imagine that when you have to choose between and what would you choose

Hence, your URLs need to be both descriptive and SEO friendly so that audiences can judge what exactly they can expect from your content.

4. Use structured data

Improve your click through rate by using structured data. When you’re looking for a movie or show, or just making a query on Google that brings a lot of options, the rich and interactive display of your options is known as structured data.

These are displayed directly above the search results. If you can achieve the right schema that the Google algorithms are looking for, you can potentially find a complete way to bypass SEO entirely. Some common schema types are: Article, Video, Event, FAQ, Local Business, Products and Deals, etc.

The way these are presented is pretty obvious that over time this will be the new way of searching presentation. The fact that such results are becoming more common and overwhelming organic results is further evidence.

5. Add images to your content

High-quality graphics not only grab the audience’s attention, but they also help keep your content featured in Google Images results. This translates into more organic click-through rates and ultimately more engagement.

Google Images is another area that you can use to increase traffic. Note, however, that the images should be of good quality and relevant to your work.

6. Your copywriting skills should be summed up

Copywriting uses psychology to understand what type of writing works best with people and uses that to create content and increase engagement. To get more conversions, here are a few tips on how to write copy:

  • Adding emotion to your content instantly increases its appeal. It has been observed that titles with a strong sentimental note can increase click-through rate by 7.4%. These can be positive or negative emotions as both affect people
  • Don’t use power words like “amazing”, “ultimate” or “mighty” as these are now treated as clickbait and can lower your click-through rate by 13.9%
  • Since queries are essentially questions that users need answers to, having titles with questions is a great technique. These titles can have a 14.1% higher click-through rate. Since users use voice searches a lot these days, it will only make their job easier
  • You can even use a tool like Answer the Public to find out what the most popular questions are in your niche and use them as a title

7. Focus on content localization

With the increasing mobile usage of users, Google has also focused on the device. This has also led to a change in the way the search results are displayed.

Whenever we look for something on our phones, the answer depends on our location. It’s the primary search factor right now when it comes to localized SEO. To increase your click rate, localization is the way to go.

You can even create a Google My Business account and get established on the map.

8. Take advantage of the popularity of lists

Sites like BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post have created a taste for lists in people. These types of lists are now loved by everyone and search engine results reflect this feeling.

Numbers that end in 0 now improve click-through rate better, e.g. B. “Top 10 Rules” or “Top 20 Methods” rather than “Top 8” etc. Use this to your advantage and create articles / blogs accordingly or even step by step guides as they are also counted as listing articles .

9. Format the content for selected snippets

The field that appears just above the organic search results and contains information about your query is called the Recommended Snippet.

If you’re looking for the primary SERP keyword and you’re seeing a snippet, you’ll need to format your content similarly to make it more likely to be displayed and to increase your click-through rate.

10. Make the most of the Google Search Console

It is not enough to use keyword research tools to optimize your content. Once it’s published, you’ll need to monitor and analyze your work to make adjustments and improve its visibility.

You can use the Google Search Console to determine if the keywords you selected are spot on and if they have improved your rankings.

11. Work on the loading time of your page

Everyone knows how much page load time can affect your organic CTR, but often overlooks this fundamental factor while tackling the other issues.
Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure to keep your page loading time as short as possible, as users will often change their minds and click a different option if it takes too long to load. This doesn’t help your click through rate.


Working on improving organic click through rate will not only help your business grow, but it will also improve the user experience. Conversions are only performed or improved when the user experience is good. Think of it this way, it’s not impossible to get those clicks. All you have to do is just keep working on improving your user experience.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz