12 Extraordinary Newsletters That Will Change Your Approach To Email Forever


These are not your average emails. Get ready to be inspired.

The best email newsletters offer value and keep subscribers engaging week in and week out. This is how intelligent email marketers get their target audience to open, click, and share their newsletter over and over again.

But how do you consistently produce and deliver an appealing newsletter? A little inspiration from the most successful email newsletters can help!

The AWeber team is constantly searching the internet for the best email newsletters in the world. Here we limit the results to 12 of our favorite email newsletters.

1. Total Annarchy by Ann Handley

In her bi-weekly email newsletter, Total Annarchy, Handley, a masterful digital marketer and author of “Everybody Writes,” shares writing tips, links to useful content, and, as she says, “some cocky gimmicks.”

Why is this newsletter great?

  • Ann’s newsletter is written in a confident, bold tone that is unique to her.
  • Ann is a true authority on content marketing and writing. She shares her wisdom with her Total Annarchy subscribers. This makes this newsletter an incredibly valuable newsletter for marketers.
  • Total Annarchy is a long-form newsletter, but length isn’t the only indicator of quality. Since Total Annarchy is packed with fantastic content and information, this newsletter makes the reader want more. As SaaS marketer Tom Tate says: “Total annarchy is like a hearty soup. Full of useful content, both original and curated. I cannot recommend this newsletter enough. “

2. James Clear’s 3-2-1 newsletter

Every Thursday, James Clear – Atomic Habits author and thought leader in self-development – sends out a newsletter he calls The 3-2-1 Newsletter. Readers expect 3 short ideas, 2 quotes from others, and 1 question to delve deeply into the newsletter.

Why is this newsletter exceptional?

  • The name of the newsletter immediately tells readers what to expect. Each week, readers can expect 3 ideas, 2 quotes, and 1 thought-provoking question.
  • The simple, optimized design allows readers to concentrate on the content of the newsletter.
  • Clear’s three ideas can be easily shared on Twitter. Inclusion of shareable links makes it incredibly easy to post something that resonates with you on your social channels. Not only does this show the world you align with that belief, it also raises awareness of Clear’s newsletter.

3. FoundersGrid

With more than 13,000 subscribers, FoundersGrid is a weekly email newsletter that focuses on delivering the best technology and startup news. It’s packaged with valuable content in a digestible format.

What you should like about this newsletter

  • The newsletter is scannable and easy to digest.
  • FoundersGrid curates and aggregates news from reputable sources. Readers can be sure that they will find all the news they need in this one newsletter.

4. Work in progress

Work in Progress, formerly called The Daily, is a newsletter from entrepreneur and business expert Jay Clouse. He reflects on his latest insights from building his own business. His down to earth and human tone builds a relationship with subscribers that will make them read and come back.

What you should love about this newsletter

  • Jay’s voice and tone are unique to his. You get a feel for who he is, what he stands for and how he feels about a topic.
  • Jay writes with a deep understanding of his audience and problems.

5. Product thoughts

For anyone looking to learn more about product management and corporate governance, Product Thoughts is a must. In a weekly email, the newsletter helps more than 1,500 product guides stay up to date with the latest strategies and tips.

“It has a thought, something he’s working on, and a trend at the beginning – almost a short blog post – and then a curated section of good posts from across the web. That saves me a lot of time because I don’t have to search for this content myself. “

-Meghan Nesta, Product Manager at AWeber

6. Early to Rise by Craig Ballantyne

Week in and week out, Ballantyne delivers a well-written and insightful newsletter, Early to Rise, containing its own thoughts on health, wealth, and life. The secret of its success? His deliberate, consistent and unusual writing plan.

Ballantyne wakes up at 4 a.m. every day. He writes for two hours. And writes. And writes. He calls this window his “magic time” when he is most productive.

What you should love about this newsletter

  • Craig’s content is completely original. Another take on an often discussed topic, Craig’s passion for the morning routine, is expressed.
  • His writing is wrapped in interesting and relevant anecdotes so it never gets boring or boring.

7. Very good copy

Eddie Shleyner is a master of storytelling. This talent is reflected in his newsletter, VeryGoodCopy, which has over 18,700 subscribers. He shares his wisdom through powerful anecdotes and stories that his readers can relate to. He goes against the grain by publishing “micro-interviews” with thought leaders and getting to the heart of the most important findings for writing texts and content.

Why AWebers Copywriters and Content Marketer Think You Should Sign Up:

“Eddie knows how to use words to evoke emotion and create strong connections with his readers, starting with his storytelling. I read eagerly line by line, knowing that the lesson between the lines is well worth the time to read. His writing is truly selfless and gives his audience every word and ounce of wisdom he has. That is the mark of a masterful writer. “

– Kelly Forst, Content Marketer at AWeber

8. Smashing newsletter

Some email newsletters are unique because they are unique. Others stand out from the rest with an unwavering commitment to quality. Smashing Newsletter does both in its bi-monthly letter to subscribers.

“I LOVE smashing newsletters because every issue is jam-packed with synopsis that clearly communicate which articles in the pile could grab me instead of just teasing me to click. I also think it’s great that there is a table of contents at the beginning of each newsletter. “

– Chris Vasquez, Product Director at AWeber

9. Morning brew

Morning Brew, another lengthy newsletter, offers valuable content for the business-minded audience. You have multiple versions of the newsletter for different industries and you can easily subscribe to them at the bottom of each newsletter.

What makes Morning Brew worthwhile:

  • Recently, the Morning Brew added a coffee mug emoji to the top of its subject lines. This adds a branding element to the subject line and makes it instantly identifiable for your readers when they first sort through emails in the morning.
  • It’s personal. I might not be interested in retail news, but I want the latest marketing trends, so I subscribe to Marketing Brew.

10. The hustle and bustle

Over 1.5 million people subscribe to The Hustle. There’s a reason so many people trust this newsletter for their news. Every morning, The Hustle sends out an email with the latest business and technology news, written in a smart but humorous voice. Reading is not only educational, but also fun.

Why this newsletter is great:

  • The Hustle is like written to a best friend. The writers understand the value of understanding their audience and write in a friendly, humorous and entertaining manner.
  • The length of this newsletter is a tick in the pro box for subscribing to The Hustle. It covers everything from the day’s biggest news to curated short snippets of news from other sources, has a story highlighting one of their SMB readers, and easily analyzes stock market trends.
  • The Hustle’s referral program is a stroke of genius. When readers share The Hustle with friends using their unique referral code, they earn points which entitle them to gifts and exclusive access.

11. theSkimm

theSkimm is a daily email aimed at women and delivered around 6:30 a.m.

What makes this newsletter great:

  • The tone of the newsletter is fun and lighthearted, despite the often gloomy news that plagues our feeds these days. Big news is never wiped away, but theSkimm writers know how to present hard news in a friendly way.
  • The references and pop culture of the 90s show that they know their audience from mostly millennial readers.
  • They make their readers feel special. At the end of each newsletter, theSkimm calls on its subscribers to celebrate big and small wins, such as career steps, community impact and birthdays.

12. The AWeber newsletter

If you want to stay up to date on the latest email marketing trends, get more successful with email, and get strategy tips from the experts, the AWeber blog newsletter – FWD: Thinking – is a necessity. Our weekly newsletter contains valuable email marketing content in an easy-to-browse format.

We’re email marketing addicts and we’re proud of it. When you sign up, you’ll learn from email experts who spend hours testing new email marketing strategies. (So ​​you don’t have to!)

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