5 steps to sending Valentine's Day emails Your subscribers will like it


Make your subscribers feel extra loved this Valentine's Day. Check out unique Valentine's Day email samples to inspire your own.

Valentine's Day: It's a time to celebrate romance, togetherness, and self-love.

And you can help make your email subscribers feel especially loved this year. All you need to know is how to send the perfect Valentine's Day email.

Don't have an email campaign planned? You don't want to miss it. Last year, it was estimated that the average person will spend around $ 71 on Valentine's Day.

Want to participate? Here are our top 5 tips for sending out Valentine's Day emails that your audience will love.

Tips for sending out adorable Valentine's Day email campaigns

Create the perfect Valentine's Day subject line

Be specific in your subject lines and use words that clearly convey what your email contains. Subscribers prefer to open emails that are most relevant to them.

In your Valentine's Day emails, be sure to mention that you are sending them a message related to the holiday. Whether you're a restaurant owner and want to remind subscribers to make a reservation, or you're a baker who wants to encourage people to buy sweet treats for a loved one, make sure to tie this to the vacation:

"The time is almost up! Reserve your Valentine's Day dinner at Cibo Ristorante now."

“Do you need chocolate? Get a sweet treat for your Valentine's Day at Joe's Bakery!

Offer something thoughtful for the vacation

Valentine's Day is a time to celebrate love – and self-love. Can you offer something unique and special that gets noticed? How can you add a special touch to the traditional Valentine's Day gift?

And don't forget those who might celebrate Valentine's Day alone. That's why I love this email from Papersource that focused on self-love this time of year.

Send a personalized follow-up email to those who bought – and those who didn't

Send some extra love to those who bought from you. They can send a customized email with related products or services that they may be interested in as a result of their purchase. Or send them a thank you with a gift card or discount on their next purchase.

You can also use segmentation to find out who hasn't opened your Valentine's Day email. Remind them that Valentine's Day is just around the corner and include an offer they can't refuse in the subject line.

Make your Valentine's Day emails eye-catching

Well-designed emails are usually displayed in the inbox. Add some Valentine's Day flair to your messages to get noticed and visually indicate to your readers that this is an exclusive, seasonal offer.

Colors like pinks, purples, and reds are natural choices for Valentine's Day. Readers will know right away that you are making them a unique, seasonal offer.

Or use eye-catching GIFs (like the one below). Adding motion to your email is a great way to attract your reader.

Pro tip: Would you like to use a GIF in your email? We've put together a Valentine's Day GIF guide for you.

Create a sense of urgency

Remind your subscribers that Valentine's Day is just around the corner by including the date (February 14th) in your subject line. For your subscribers who are sneaking in from vacation, it may be recommended to see how you can help them quickly.

Five Below sent an email with the subject "OK, but V-Day is literally tomorrow" which created a sense of urgency for people to get their shopping done sooner rather than later.

Unique Valentine's Day Email Samples

If you sell products or services that naturally go well with the vacation – fantastic. You do you!

But so many companies don't necessarily sell products or services that go with Valentine's Day. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you are out of luck. See how these brands stood out for having unique settings on traditional vacation email.

To lure customers into their retail stores for Valentine's Day, eyewear retailer Warby Parker has compiled hilarious tweets from customers and jokes that this is the perfect place to find romance. I don't know if it worked, but it definitely made me laugh.

Handy, a house cleaning and handyman service company, reminded subscribers that their homes need some love too. I don't know about you, but I don't usually think of house cleaning as a traditional Valentine's Day deal – but they presented it in a way that would be perfect with the vacation.

Bloomscape, a home plant e-commerce company, took a unique approach to a more traditional Valentine's Day gift. Instead of roses, Bloomscape pointed out that houseplants make great gifts.

Your own Valentine's Day email templates

Inspired to create your own Valentine's Day email campaign? Check out AWeber's professionally designed templates below.

They can also be used if you become an AWeber user.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz