75 Open Subject Line Ideas


The subject line is a first impression. Put your best foot forward. Here are 75 subject line ideas that can help improve your open rates.

They say don’t judge an email by its subject line, but let’s face it: we’re always on the lookout for the best of the best. After all, the subject line is the first impression your message makes on the recipients and can help you improve your opens and clicks.

That’s a lot of pressure for a seemingly short line of text.

While there is no secret to the perfect subject line, there are a few words and phrases that can help you keep a better eye on your email.

Create a sense of urgency in your subject line

Getting people to take action from your email can be difficult. There is a lot to be done to get more opens and clicks. Creating a sense of urgency is one of the things that can have a huge impact on whether or not your email is read.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

1. So back in stock, so do not miss

2. This is your *last chance* to buy our sale

3. Tick, tock! 30% discount on the sale ends soon!

4th Walk go once, twice …

5. Get members first dibs.

6. We couldn’t wait ‘see you on Friday!

7. If it’s gone, it is path.

8. You might want to Hurry

9. A little (Only for a short time) available

10. Available for 24 hours only

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Have a strong call to action

When it comes to opening your emails, verbs of experience (like “celebrate” and “love”) are better than functional verbs (like “spend” and “reach”). That’s not to say these words don’t work – it’s really all about context.

Anyone can agree that subscribers will take no action if you don’t ask. So try to include some of these powerful words in your next subject line:

11. To celebrate with savings!

12th Trade now for savings from friends and family!

13. 3 DIY Frame Hacks You Will Need Try it now

14. Trust me you need that

15. Submit some. to get.

16. Don’t let them escape

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Get personal

Personalization. When done right it’s great! But if it’s done wrong? It can be borderline scary. Here are some examples of how to do it right:

17. Because they need that …

18. Join me for a margin, Olivia?

19th they deserve a reward

20. Special delivery for Olivia

21. The jeans they do not have yet

22. It is time for your next visit

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Repeat yourself

Redundancy pays off, especially when it comes to your subject line. This is because, as the sender, you are always up to date. Being top-of-mind helps build trust, which can lead to more sales. It’s a win-win situation!

Try to include your name or company name in the subject line like these brands:

23. New and exclusive to Merchant mercantile

24. The Well done the essentials

25. Did anyone say anything new? Shinier?

26. The giant Weekly newsletter

27. New and exclusive to Sephora

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We don’t want to brag, but …

Just kidding, we’re totally doing it. And that’s because adding important superlatives to your subject line can help strengthen your core message and make it more effective.

Just check out these sample subject lines to see what I mean:

28th new favourite Dress, hands down

29. Here is one Special treat just for you!

30. That is large, enormously, huge, amazing, incredible

31. Ours latest Styles just arrived

32. The PERFECT Facebook ad

33. best of the blog

34. A little luxury at a Great price

ask a question

A question is a great way to add curiosity to your email, but it’s the type of question that matters. Yes or no questions are better than open-ended questions. And don’t forget the mood: questions with a negative association (like not or not) are the worst.

35. What Do you think?

36. Do Do you like prices?

37. Can Are you keeping a secret?

38. How Could you top that?

39. Today is the day! are you in?

40. Best gift ever?

41. Details please! Has Do you like your shopping?

Punctuation and capitalization are important

Punctuation can completely change the tone of your subject line with a single character. This can affect how your subscribers will react to your message. Even the lack of punctuation can change the gist of your topic and keep things casual.

Capitalization also has the same effect. Take notes.

42. HEAD Announcement!

43. Extra 30% off sale styles (!)

44. * Permission to brag *

45. It’s time for giveaways again


47. wWe’re melting

48. attentive! only today

49. And the winner goes to

50 NEW

51. Flash. sale. Attentive.

Make a giveaway?

People love free stuff. Immediately make your giveaway clear in your subject line to maximize the open and click.

52. Your chance to do so victory, Within!

53. Would you like to win $ 100?

54. We are give away a credit of 50 USD. Find out how you can win

55. give away! A cozy package for home care

56. I’m giving away 5 prices today – don’t miss it!

57. What can you win today?

58. You could win that…Seriously…

A warm welcome goes a long way

Not only do new subscribers expect to hear from you soon (or immediately) after joining your email list, they want them to. Greet your new subscribers with a welcome email. They will never be more concerned with you than in the moments after you sign up – so take advantage of this.

59. Welcome to the path Family ✈️

60. You’re in! Now let’s start …

61. You’re done to save!

62. Welcome to ___!

63. Kelly, to thank you for joining, here is a present only for you

Follow the subject lines of the emails

Get in touch with subscribers who recently purchased from you – or subscribers who haven’t. You never know why someone missed your message. Maybe they were busy, or the first subject line didn’t catch their attention.

All is not lost. Follow-up emails are a great tool to try again – especially if you’re automating your email campaigns.

64. Did you miss it?

65. Please read Your last purchase

66. Do you have any questions? We have answers!

67. I keep my promise

68. Do you want? Your $ 20 balance?

69. Do you want to share Get $ 20 Off.

Thank you for emailing subject lines

Saying thank you goes a long way. Show your appreciation and gratitude for your customers by sending an email to say thank you. You can even submit a special offer as a thank you if you want them to feel extra special.

70. This sale is our way of saying it MANY THANKS!

71. Like ours Many Thanks: You get a 30% discount

72. It’s our turn to give Many Thanks ????

73. Thank you to shop with us

74. As we say MANY THANKS

75. Ours Thank you to treat

Try these subject lines for yourself

We’re big advocates of trying tricks and tactics to find out what works best. While you can’t predict the results by looking at the performance of previous subject lines, you can use them as a basis for future iterations.

Try adding some of these words and phrases in your next subject lines and watch your open rates skyrocket. After seeing 75 open subject lines, learn how to write better emails with our free course and guide!

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