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Back with a bang: Family Man returns with a knockout marketing strategy


When the first season of Family Man released in 2019, it caused quite a stir among people. Thanks to Manoj Bajpayee’s incredible performance and a well-written script, the series soon became a crowd-pleaser. When people got away with a second season in the works, they loved it.

But the gap between the first and second seasons got longer and longer due to a lot of delays and speculation and so on. But after all that, the second season of The Family Man was finally released on Amazon Prime yesterday. What makes his arrival even more anticipated is the team’s brilliant marketing strategy.

How did the show’s marketing strategy help?

Since this is an OTT series, they have put the majority of their resources into digitally marketing the series, after all, they have left no stone unturned. From posting stunning posters to launching interesting campaigns with influencers in the field and even dialogue snippets, they did everything and did it brilliantly.

The whole purpose of a pre-arrival TV series marketing strategy is to instill a sense of curiosity in the audience, as it is that curiosity that drives them to watch the show. When they brought out clippings and bits and pieces for the coming season, it only added to the intrigue that had been created around them.

Music played an important role in the marketing of the first season because of the ease with which it can be shared and the ease with which people begin to identify a particular thing with a song. For this season, the team has enlisted the help of characters to cause a stir. Essentially, taking advantage of the show’s appeal to make it addictive.

Family Man Season 2 Marketing Strategy

Below are the various elements that came together to make the season two marketing strategy so effective:

Poster reveal

The series has its own page on Instagram and marketing of the second season began with the release of the poster. The poster had Bajpayee as its face and around it was a series of images that showed a coded release date.

Not only that, but to get more viewers for Season 2 and help more people get started with Season 1 happening, they made the season available for free on Amazon Prime.

Character cliffhanger

They released a video called “Is Moosa Really Dead?” Moosa plays the role of the antagonist in season one and in order to capture people based on the character’s current situation, they played this fascinating factor with the release of this video.

In the final episode of the first season, things are open and open to interpretation. Because of this, the release of such a video really puts viewers into question what exactly happened to the negative lead role, and prepare for the second season.

Interesting campaigns

“Srikant Kahan Hai”
To build the hype, they launched this campaign, which is inspired by the end of the first season. It was created to talk about the whereabouts of the main character Srikant, since apparently no one has a clue.

Help us find the family man! Try his cell phone on 9223011111 and when you get through let us know. # SrikantKahanHai @ SrikantTFM

– Amazon Prime Video IN (@PrimeVideoIN) January 16, 2021

The hashtag #SrikantKahanHai has been trending on Twitter for a long time and the team offered viewers the option to participate in that search as well by providing them with a phone number to see if it picks up.

When someone called at the number provided, the voice of Bajpayee was heard and he let her know that he is busy at the moment but hopes they will meet soon. Also, immediately after the call ends, a message with a link to Prime’s YouTube channel will appear on the caller’s phone.

Trailer release

After much deliberation and reluctance by the producers due to the second wave, the trailer was released. When it did not appear on the scheduled date, the viewers were already worried whether it would appear on the announced date at all.

And that’s exactly what happened. When the creators released the trailer, they also informed viewers of the revised date – June 4th – in the comments section of YouTube. The series even gotten into some controversy due to the portrayal of Eelam Tamilians, but the creators released a statement to purify the air.

What # TheFamilyMan2 directors @rajndk had to say about the current issue in their latest interview with The Times of India.

– LetsOTT GLOBAL (@LetsOTT) May 24, 2021

Publication of dialog snippets

Based on the mixture of humor and mystery to entertain their views, the team released several short videos that reflected the core themes of the series.

Cooperation with influencers in the industry

Another great campaign #TheFamilyManJobHunt was launched by the team just before the season two was released. The idea was that Srikant was looking for a new job in order to make his wife happy, as she found the old one too dangerous.

Manoj Bajpayee started the campaign, which was followed by a series of conversations, of course on all social media, with industry leaders like Ankur Warikoo (Nearbuy), Kabeer Biswas (Dunzo), Ritesh Agarwal (OYO) and so on. You are all ready to give Srikant a chance for some vacancies.

The campaign also included other influencers and brands who further reinforced their message.

Use the meme culture

They even enlisted the help of memes to increase their relatability quotient and attract more people.

Final thoughts

We live in a time when fully immersive marketing strategies, as successfully implemented by the Family Man team, are required to attract people’s attention. You have to give it your all because with the advent of OTT, endless possibilities have opened up for viewers. Strategies like these can help you stand out.

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