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Be taught Influencer Advertising in 10 Simple Steps


Influencer marketing is essentially taking the help of influencers doing work in your niche to spread awareness about your brand. If you want to become an influencer, and your question is how to become an influencer you have come to the right place. Here you will learn what are the possible ways to become a social media influencer.

Social media has seen the growth of many talented individuals who have become influencers because of their consistent efforts and quality work. Therefore, if you want to become an influencer collaborating with them can be great for your business since they already have a following of loyal fans who trust their choices. If they promote your products, not only will it be good for sales but also reflect well on your brand.

To get a better grasp on how to become an social media influencer and get the most out of influencer marketing, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Ascertain your goals

Any marketing strategy needs a solid strategy to work. You can’t go in with a vague sense of what you wish to accomplish. It is the same with influencer marketing. You need to have a solid plan of how you’re going to go about it.

If your goal is to get leads and increase sales:

  • Exclusive discounts and coupon codes using the influencer’s name is very effective
  • Product-focused contests for their followers
  • Ask them to create promotional videos

If your goal is brand awareness and this can be achieved in various ways:

  • You can ask the influencer(s) to casually mention your product/service in their content without making it obvious
  • You can create contests for the followers of the influencer
  • Ask them to create promotional videos

Step 2: Find Perfect Influencers

If you want to know how to become an instagram influencer this is the most important step. You need to look for influencers of your niche. However, it is not as easy as it sounds.There are two factors to consider here.

Firstly, you need to make sure that the influencer in question has skills you require to market your particular product and do effective influencer marketing.

Secondly, their followers are the target audience you have in mind for your product/service. Make sure you do your required research before

Step 3: Address Influencers

It is always good to have a nice working relationship with the people you are working with, and the same is extended to influencers. You need to communicate to them the genuinity of your product and make them believe in it as well.  

Step 4: Qualify your Influencers

Basically just go through the stats. Make sure that collaborating will help you in furthering the name of your brand. Qualifying your influencers is another best possible way for your question on how to become a social media influencer. Influencer marketing is dependent completely on the reach of the influencer in question. Check their number of followers, go over their various social media profiles and audience engagement.

Step 5: Credence Influencers with Content Creation

The influencer knows their audience better than you, any day. When planning the influencer marketing strategy, make sure you give them the space they need to create content as ultimately it’ll benefit you only.

However, do make sure to go over it once they are done to make sure that the message that is being delivered is the one you were aiming for.

Step 6: Track your Outreach

Make sure that your entire correspondence with the influencers is catalogued. This helps in keeping a track of all the influencers you are working with and also helps you in staying efficient. You don’t want to miss out on great opportunities to collaborate with influencers just because you weren’t organized enough.

Some things that need to be noted:

  • Which person of your team contacted the influencer
  • When and who was contacted
  • Details about the communication
  • Future plans which were finalized

Step 7: Produce for Effective Execution

You could produce the content in order to execute it effectively. Don’t leave any stone unturned. If they don’t have the budget you are aiming for, help them in production and just make sure that you push out quality content.

At the end of the day, it is about the content that is being put out there. Make sure that it is worth whatever time your audience puts into it. Influencer marketing is all about leaving lasting impressions. This is one of the best ways to know how to become a social media influencer.

Step 8: Set up Contract and Briefing

Coming to the legal formalities part of it – make sure to draw up a contract and send it over for them to sign. While talking about your products and discussing business is important, make sure that you have this drawn up fast.

Not only will you be cementing your collaboration with the influencer but it’s also like a welcome to the company, albeit a legal one. Next up is the briefing. There should always be clear communication between both parties. If you are clear from the get-go, it lessens the probability of any arguments in the future.

Step 9: Honour the Influencer

Make sure to treat them as equals and not as someone who works for you. They have worked hard to reach where they are in life and that should always be respected.
If you have any creative differences, make sure to listen to their side and try to understand their perspective because ultimately, they know their audience better than you. So, to know how to become a social media influencer you have to honour the influencer

In influencer marketing, honoring your influencer and making sure that they believe in the product just as much as you do is important. This is because that belief will reflect in the content they create.

Step 10: Examine your Results

This should be the last step of every marketing strategy out there, not just influencer marketing. Push the content out after making sure that it is up to the mark and then examine the results.

You can use tools such as Google Analytics or Instagram Insights to track how it was received. You can also have a discussion with the influencer to find out how your product or the content fared with the audience, and what all can be worked on for the future.


Currently, the social space is teeming with influencers but if you want to know how to become an social media influencer you should search and look for the ones who are really passionate and really have the power to ‘influence’ people. Finding the right influencers is vital for influencer marketing because it is all about the impact that they have on their followers. It’s not just about the numbers but more essentially about the loyalty they have for the influencer.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz