Cisco is additional integrating Webex into the Fb office


Cisco and Workplace From Facebook released new updates for their existing partnership at the annual Webex One conference on Tuesday.

Soon, users will be able to stream Webex live through the corporate offering on the social network, including through Webex hardware devices.

Users are also given the ability to interact in real time during these broadcasts, including the ability to ask questions, leave comments, use surveys, and respond.

The two companies have teamed up to offer Webex customers six free months of Workplace From Facebook, and to give Workplace customers new to Webex six free months of their video conferencing, as well as significant discounts on their hardware devices.

Jeetu Patel, Cisco senior vice president and general manager of security and applications, said in a statement, “Our vision in building a strong, open, ecosystem-based approach for partners is to make sure they are no matter which app they use Be able to work seamlessly with Webex, where the experience is magical and fully integrated for the user. "

Facebook Workplace vp Karandeep Anand added, “Cisco’s industry-leading video conferencing technology, security and scalability coupled with Workplace’s enterprise community building engagement platform that is based on over 15 years of experience connecting people on Facebook , is a powerful combination. With just one click, organizations can go live using Cisco hardware and software and connect directly to others through reactions, comments, and question-and-answer sessions. This turns broadcast experiences into real asynchronous conversations, regardless of where or how people are working. Together we are able to offer the best of both companies that enables engagement at an unprecedented level. "



Jeffrey Rabinowitz