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Dakota Burford & The Value Of Sales – A Review


Who Is Dakota Burford?

Dakota Burford is an entrepreneur, speaker, and sales coach who works out of Las Vegas NV. Dakota’s unique ability to harness the power of both the internet and social media in combination with a more traditional approach has made Dakota a force in this industry. Dakota became obsessed with sales after his first mentor told him that he couldn’t sell water to a man dying of thirst and Dakota realized how true that statement was. Dakota has now been featured on Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, and many more. Dakota lives by the motto

“The Only Thing That Is Constant In Life Is Change”.

Over the last 5 years, Dakota has built a sales team from the ground up that has generated millions of dollars in revenue for Luxvoni and multiple millions more for the companies that he has worked with and for by creating high converting sales funnels. Dakota’s company has already worked with some of the most successful companies in the world and Dakota is continually growing and scaling. Dakota is passionate about creating a future where everyone can work from their home and live the life of their dreams.

During an interview with him on the upcoming launch of his Sales Ops course he stated.

” I want to teach people what I have been teaching myself for many years now”

Dakota is expected to launch his new online course very soon and Dakota says

“I’m just as excited as the students that are about to get started in the beta program. The feedback from students has already blown me away”.

Luxvoni Marketing

Speaking of Dakota’s previous venture, Luxvoni, Dakota has helped hundreds of businesses skyrocket their sales and Dakota has helped many first-time entrepreneurs become millionaires. Dakota Burford is a rare breed of sales coach and Dakota Burford is a master when it comes to putting together highly converting funnels. Dakota’s funnel hacking has included Tony Robbins, The Wolf Of Wallstreet ( Jordan Belford), and many more well-known entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors.  

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Why Should someone work with Dakota Burford and his team at Luxvoni?

  • Experience – Dakota has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and taught countless people the art of sales. While it’s controversial some might even say he is better at sales than one of his mentors and clients; Jordan Belfort.
  • Luxvoni – The team of people Dakota has brought together is a talent pool of skill and expertise in their own respective fields. whether that is funnel creation, copywriting, SEO, etc… Dakota has a wide and deep bench of A-players ready to help you with whatever you and your company need. Dakota has built a team of experts who are ready to help you not just with your sales and marketing but other areas as well. Dakota’s company Luxvoni is currently one of the most well-known agencies that help businesses to dramatically increase YOY revenue.
  • Why Dakota Burford? – Dakota might not be the cheapest option but Dakota knows how to dominate in business. Dakota has put together a number of 6 and 7 figure funnels for his company including the one that was responsible for generating over 1 million in revenue during the month it ran. Dakota knows what works and Dakota has seen how to make money online fail and succeed firsthand. Dakota’s been there done that, and Dakota can help you do the same. Dakota Burford cares about his clients and Dakota’s company Luxvoni is the most profitable company Dakota has ever started. Dakota can show you the ropes and Dakota wants to see you succeed.
  • Dakota Burford is a highly passionate, driven individual with marketing and sales at his core. Dakota Burford has spent countless hours learning and mastering the skill he uses daily. Dakota Burford has created a company that is ranked #1 in sales and Dakota Burford can help you if you are ready to take your business to the next level. Dakota’s motto is “Think Accurately, Act Intelligently, You Will Triumph.” Dakota offers his students and clients the opportunity to work with Dakota and his team at Luxvoni. Dakota’s company is incredibly passionate about helping people grow their companies 
  • Dakota’s Consultative approach to sales funnel creation that Dakota has developed over the years comes with many benefits Dakota will help you with. Dakota provides his knowledge and expertise by building your entire funnel system from start to finish Dakota will show you how to implement a strategy that works for your business. Dakota’s company Luxvoni specializes in working with entrepreneurs who are ready to take their companies to the next level.

In Conclusion – Dakota Burford is a master at marketing and Dakota has helped many people grow their companies to new heights. Dakota knows what works for selling products, services, or anything online Dakota will show you the ropes if you are ready to learn from one of the best in business. Dakota’s company Luxvoni is made up of hungry go-getters who are ready to take your company to the next level. Dakota knows how to put together funnels and Dakota has the skills necessary to help you if you are ready for your business to grow.



Jeffrey Rabinowitz