Design beautiful email and landing page images with Canva and AWeber


Tap millions of pictures, videos, graphics, templates, icons, and more to create custom designs – without ever leaving AWeber.

One of the biggest marketing challenges for small businesses is creating beautiful, custom images that won’t break the bank. However, unless you are a professional designer, creating beautiful, custom images for your marketing can be impossible.

Without tools like Photoshop and the ability to make Picasso green with envy, it can feel like a waste of precious hours designing something from scratch.

But here’s the truth: anyone can create beautiful pictures in no time. You just need the right tools.

That’s why AWeber has partnered with Canva – the world’s fastest growing online design platform – to bring easy-to-use design tools right at your fingertips.

But first should I use pictures in emails?

Including pictures in your emails can be a great way to showcase your product or service, highlight a testimonial, showcase an important statistic, or evoke an emotional response from your audience.

In fact, research shows that visuals increase a person’s readiness to read textual content by 80%. Visuals are powerful. However, inserting a picture to insert a picture is rarely a good idea.

Here are 3 questions to ask yourself in order to determine if you should use images in your email:

  1. What are your email marketing goals? Do you want more engagement? Do you want more brand visibility? Then a picture could be a great thing to test out.
  2. Does this image offer value and does it support my company branding? One of the main reasons for using images in your emails is to create a visual brand connection with your audience. Use your brand colors, fonts, and other standards to make sure your email is associated with your brand.
  3. Does this image promote the feeling I want my recipients to feel? They say a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s no wonder when you consider that the strong emotional connection images have the power to evoke.

As with anything in marketing, you want to test images in your email to see if it leads to more clicks and more engagement. You can test:

  • Images against no images
  • Image versus GIF (or video)
  • Picture A against picture B.

Every audience is different. Do more of what leads to more engagement in your split tests.

Why should I use images on my landing pages?

The human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. Adding images to your landing page will make it easier for your visitors to understand, process, and take the actions they want.

Here are five tips for using images on your landing page to get more signups, purchases, or subscribers.

  1. Convey the emotions you want your audience to feel. Pictures are a powerful way to show emotions. Use them to make your visitors feel positive. To find the right emotional connection, you may want to conduct customer interviews and find out what your product or service has helped them and how it made them feel.
  2. Highlight the transformation that you allow them to do. People don’t buy products or services. You are buying transformation. Show them how you can help them achieve their end goal and achieve success. For example, if you’re a health coach selling weight loss services, you might want to show off a before / after photo that highlights the transformation you are bringing to your clients.
  3. Flashy colors and fonts. Colorful images and bold fonts draw visitors’ attention where you want them.
  4. Highlight a testimonial in a callout box. Testimonials are a powerful form of social evidence – a psychological tactic to show that other people have been successful with your product or service. Draw attention to your testimonial by turning it into a colorful image or adding a headshot or logo
  5. View data or statistics. Secure the point you want to make with numbers. Add graphs, statistics, or charts to support your claims and prove that what you are promoting is valuable.

The right graphic can lead to more conversions and sales on your landing page. But don’t spend hours or money on professional designers to do the job for you.

Create graphics and design with Canva and AWeber

Design custom images with Canva right in the AWeber message editor and landing page builder with the Canva button.

The process couldn’t be easier. When creating a new email or landing page, drag the picture element into the draft.

Then click “Design on Canva” to bring up a pop-up window where you can create a custom design in Canva without leaving AWeber.

When you’re happy with your creation, click “Save to AWeber”. The image will automatically be filled with your design.

Would you like to edit the image as soon as you see it in your draft? No problem. Your picture is in your Canva account and is easy to edit.

Create today using the Canva button in AWeber

The Canva button is now available in the AWeber message editor and landing page builder. All you need is an active AWeber and Canva account to get started.

Click here to learn more about Canva and AWeber and create beautiful designs for your emails and landing pages.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz