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Develop into a Nice Blogger in 60 Days


For all of the writers out there, this one is for you. And for any writer who thinks blogging can't become a full-time and profitable profession, this one is especially for you. Content is King is a phrase that is more relevant today than ever before.

Blogging as a profession is based entirely on words and how you manage to express your own opinions and views in a way that appeals to the masses. They generate revenue based on ads, writing product reviews, number of views, etc.

But with people discovering this area and more and more of them joining the ranks every day, you need to have a few tricks up your sleeve to stand out from the crowd. Here are a few ways to help you maintain a blog that always stays relevant and gets more traffic.

Be consistent

Consistency is the key. While we all know this, trying to be consistent should never compromise quality as it can affect your viewers. When creating content, keep search engine optimization in mind and optimize your work accordingly. This is very important as it is the rankings that Google generates based on your SEO scores and other factors that will determine how much traffic you will get.

Engagement of the Masters Audience

Blogging is about getting your word across effectively. You can't do this if it doesn't appeal to your audience. While one-time readers can easily become attached to new content, you have to go the extra mile to invest them in your work. This is where audience engagement comes into play.

Your audience is everything and keywords alone can't make them stay. You need to keep them busy all the time so that they can feel connected to you and learn from you at the same time.

Just views won't help your page, but having audiences sharing, leaving comments, and effectively spending time going through the whole thing will help your brand. Make sure the audience engages, because without that, there is no point having a blog.

Set achievable goals

This is extremely important as it is what motivates you as you create content. When we say achievable goals, we mean smart goals that you can make possible. If you enter this field with incredibly high expectations and misconceptions, you are preparing for failure.

Whenever we start to work, be it in any area, we proceed with a plan. When it comes to bloggers, these goals can be how many blogs you want to create in a month or a year and what percentage you want your audience to grow by. Setting smart goals for yourself will keep you motivated and ensure that you not only stay motivated but also run your business well.

Use visual content

Many bloggers have realized this by trying out the wonders of including images in their content. This is because visual representations are easier to understand and much easier on the eyes. Not only do they make the content more engaging, but they have been shown to decrease the bounce rate and increase views. It also helps ensure that your audience scrolls to the bottom of the page. Hence, it increases the traffic.

Be authentic and transparent

While it was mentioned earlier, when creating content you can't hear it enough – it should connect with the audience. And to connect with the audience, you need a real voice that is neither embellished nor faked. Trust us, the audience can tell the difference.

Focus on user experience

Everything we do, from creating content to making changes to that content, is done with your potential audience in mind. Make sure your UX has been specially curated, keeping your target audience in mind. This is because it acts as wrapping paper for the gift that you are providing to your audience. So you have to make sure it is good.

Choosing the best blogging platforms

This is a decision that as a blogger should not be an easy one to make. Some of the best blogging platforms are listed below:

  • With this platform you can edit every aspect of your website. So if you are stepping into this line with a vision to expand in the future, this could be the one for you. It has many features that can take your blog to the next level such as: B. an online shop etc.
  • Blogger: If you are careful and not sure if blogging is the way to go for you, this platform can be used as it is perfect for the casual blogger or the beginner.
  • Medium: It's the easiest platform to start blogging. Not only is it insanely popular, but it will also help you get your work started in no time.

Choose the right blogging tools

Don't worry if blogging is still a daunting task for you. There are many tools out there that can help you find your way around and create quality content. Some of them are:

  • Grammar: Writers need someone to help them rephrase certain sentences, find better words, or simply proofread their work. Grammar can help you accomplish all of these things and a lot more.
  • Google Analytics: Keeping track of how your blogs are received by your audience is an integral part of being a blogger. Google Analytics can be of great help in this regard. This will help you in improving your conversion rates.
  • Yoast SEO: This tool will help you merge keywords with your content without making it look bad or inconsistent. It is this quality that makes it one of the best SEO tools out there.

Build a strong email database

As a blogger, your email list includes not only the people who have subscribed to your blog, but also potential customers and audiences. For people who want to make money blogging, having a reliable and working email list is of great importance as it will help them get more traffic and more business as well. So make sure you build a strong email database.

Collaborate with fellow bloggers

Networking is an integral part of any field and blogging is no different. You will learn from those who have experience and stay up to date on the latest trends. Plus, you can work with them to create something new, and even ask them to give you a hint about their content that will only expand your reach.


Blogging is a very good career option for those who are creative and enjoy working on their terms. You become your boss and build your brand through your words. Ultimately, the success or failure of any form of work depends on how much you are willing to work for it. It's about passion and consistency.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz