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Foodie Professional Theme Assessment 2021: Finest Genesis Meals Weblog Theme Ever!


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A luxury your blog deserves!

Are you looking for a brandable, feature-rich, yet clean food blog topic?

If that's a yes, you must be happy.

Our Foodie Pro theme review is how to use the Foodie Pro theme to make your blog (possibly a food blog or a blog in another niche) the way you want it without messing around with codes or codes having to deal with hiring an expensive designer.

What is the Foodie Pro theme?

Foodie Pro is a clean, light, very minimalist (yet feature rich) Genesis theme for food blogs, Fashion bloggers, and even other niche blogs. Click here to see the live demo of using Foodie Pro (will open in a new tab).

It's the best-selling Genesis female kids theme by StudioPress Themes and is in the top 10 on our constantly updated list of the best WordPress blog themes.

With the great success of Foodie Pro, the manufacturer Shay Bocks has become a star for every food blogger. Her other notable and best food blog topics are Cook & # 39; d Pro (see Cook & # 39; d Pro Topics Overview here) and Brunch Pro.

Almost hundreds of blogs use this topic, but no two blogs look alike (I told you you can make it any way you want).

In this review of the Foodie Pro Genesis theme for 2021, we're going to see how you can use it to add visual enhancement to your food blog without compromising on content or monetization.

Let's start, shall we?

Foodie Pro Theme Review 2021

Let's see what makes it the best food blog topic!

The Foodie Pro theme offers the goodness of StudioPress themes (the biggest seller of WordPress themes and StudioPress sites) which makes it reliable and secure at its core.

All StudioPress themes come with a Genesis framework that acts as a security shell for your WordPress blog. (We'll talk about the benefits of the Genesis framework later in this article.)

We come to the function overview of the Foodie Pro theme.

1) Goodness of the Genesis framework

When it comes to the security of our online business, issues there play a very important role. You could buy a food blog theme for $ 50 or less, but you end up risking your blog's security and branding.

Foodie Pro comes with the Genesis framework, the most trusted theme framework among WordPress users. The most popular blogs (be it food blogs like and or other niche blogs like or trust their websites with Genesis.

And it's not just security, Genesis kids themes have been neatly coded so they're easy and lightning-fast to load. In case you didn't know, Google prefers websites that load faster.

According to research, 47% of website visitors expect their page to load within 2 seconds and 40% of them will leave your site forever (Hey! There are tons of food blogs waiting for them) if the load takes longer than Takes 3 seconds.

The other benefit of the Genesis framework is that when you update your theme, you are only updating the framework and not your customized version of the child theme. Hence, you will never lose your customization.

2) Foodie Pro theme layout / widget areas

Foodie Pro revolutionized the food blog theme by adding unlimited layout options (remember telling you no two blogs look alike?) And introducing widget sections that let you customize your ads, recipes, and images (too for widgets with Instagram follow or Pinterest boards) can place with your content.

It's a very minimalist, elegant theme with a clean-looking interface so all of the focus is on the content area of ​​your blog. Ultimately, this is the goal of most blogs.

You can import all standard widgets that you see in the demo design with just one click. Then all you have to do is fill the input areas with your user-defined information (e.g. social channels, popular posts or newsletter widget).

3) Customizing the Foodie Pro theme (design and color options)

Check out the elegance that reigns in both desktop and mobile views

Check out the live demo ››

  1. Created with the latest HTML5 markup: Foodie Pro is designed using the latest HTML5 markup, making it even more elegant with cleaner codes.
  2. Mobile Responsive: Foodie Pro is a very mobile engaging theme that will make your mobile readers drool over the design of your website and the ease of reading. If you didn't know, mobile responsiveness is also an important ranking factor.
  3. Mobile Hamburger Style Menu: It has the brand new hamburger-style mobile menu that all Genesis kids themes are known for.
  4. Unlimited color palette: Foodie Pro doesn't come with a preset color scheme option as they believe why there are a preset number of color schemes when you can give users the freedom to choose from unlimited color options to suit your branding and style.
  5. Choice of visual typography: When it comes to typography, too, you have plenty of options for choosing the font style that defines the branding of your food blog. Foodie Pro includes a visual editor that allows you to easily change the color and typography of fonts without touching a single line of code.
  6. Built-in area for recommended posts: They have a built-in featured posts section for the home page that shows the posts you want to raise more eyeballs at.
  7. Gutenberg compatibility soon to be obtained: Unlike many themed stores, StudioPress is committed to bringing you a pure Gutenberg experience, and Foodie Pro will soon be compatible with Gutenberg. This does not mean that it is incompatible. The update brings more functions to the topic.

Click here to view Foodie Pro! ››

4) Foodie Pro Recipe Plugin & Recipe Archive

One of the key components to consider when purchasing a food blog topic is the recipe page options. This is a very important part and that's why I included it in my review of the Foodie Pro theme.

Foodie Pro gives you a custom recipe archive page where you can save all of your recipes for easy access for readers. You have the option to set up the display based on the dates of the posts, the categories of the recipes (such as starters, dinners, etc.) and a search form to search each recipe by keyword.

All recipes are automatically indexed and you don't have to update the archives every time you post a post.

Foodie Pro supports Easy Recipe Pro, which allows you to create well-documented and well-formatted recipes with custom print styles, reading styles and an easy import and export function for recipes.

5) Woo Commerce Store Support

The Foodie Pro theme allows you (using this plugin) to set up a separate shop area on your blog to sell your own or partner products. This is the best way to Sell ​​on your blog and monetize your food blog with your own products, premium recipes or even partner products.

6) Strategic ad placement to increase ad click income

Foodie Pro is one of the best AdSense-friendly WordPress themes out there.

Foodie Pro offers brilliant, high-converting strategic ad placement options that can help you make a decent income.

There are those custom header ads and the ad widget above everything, sidebar ads, ads after the blog posts, and even a responsive ad unit after the entire footer so you get noticed without affecting the reading experience.

You can of course use these strategic (conversion-optimized) ad placements to place your own affiliate programs (a list of high-paying affiliate programs can be found here) and generate better income than traditional ads.

7) Foodie Pro's lead generation feature

If there is one thing I can ever recommend to someone who blogs, it would be to create their own email list.

Creating email lists is the first mistake everyone makes (that's what I did). Now that I know the importance of building my own email list, I look for this feature in every topic I use.

The Foodie Pro theme has a floating email subscription bar in the header (optional) that you can use to grow your email subscribers.

You also get the Genesis eNews widget to have a stylized built-in subscription widget in your sidebar.

8) SEO Optimized Theme for Better Google Rankings

Whether or not you have a social following, getting your website on Google will get you meaningful readers. Organic traffic comes with a buyer intent and is key to any blog's success.

Now when you have a well-optimized topic, follow the basic SEO techniques. It's getting easier to rank on Google.

The Foodie Pro theme has a neatly coded theme that will help you consider your website healthy. Here are other things that make Foodie Pro the best SEO optimized topic for food blogs:

  1. Lightning fast loading: The speed of the website is a ranking factor
  2. Secured site: Prevents malware and viruses from damaging the website
  3. Schema markup enabled: Have you ever seen those star ratings and recipe information when you searched for something on Google? This is shown when your theme is fully enabled for schema markup.

Check out the live demo ››

Examples of Foodie Pro themes and how to use live demos

Now that we have a clear and thorough review of the Foodie Pro theme, let's look at the use cases of the Foodie Pro theme. Here are some great food and lifestyle blogs that Foodie Pro use to give their content the attention it deserves.

NOTE: There are hundreds of blogs using the Foodie Pro Genesis theme. The listing of all articles would go beyond the scope of this overview article. So we're listing the best examples of Foodie Pro themes (feel free to send us any nice website we haven't listed in the comments section below).


Gourmet Pro Theme Cons

Let's see what the main drawbacks of the "Foodie pro genesis" kids topic are. As I told you, this will be an unbiased assessment. Here are the downsides.

  1. The subject is a bit expensive (compared to other cheap themes):: Then don't expect a brandable, feature-rich, quick-download, and SEO-optimized theme to be free. Again, hiring a designer costs a minimum of $ 1000 to $ 1500 for basic customization. Buy it if you just want to take your blog to the next level.
  2. The initial setup can take some time: Each theme you buy would take time to set up, put the right menu in appropriate spots, and so on. So that's understandable again.

Price review for Foodie Pro themes 2021

The prices for the Foodie Pro theme aren't cheap. However, at less than $ 130, you get a beautiful, stunning theme that can be used over and over again by changing the layout and having unlimited color palette options.

You can use it on unlimited websites with lifetime updates.

The pricing is nothing when you compare it to the thousands of dollars you have to pay your designer to make simple adjustments. With Foodie Pro, you can become your own blog designer and customize it whenever you want.

Editor's Opinion: Don't buy it if you're just starting out or if you're not serious about the potential to turn your food blog into a successful business.

However, if you are serious about it and know that you can turn your passion for cooking or lifestyle expertise into a profitable online business, then you should definitely buy it.

You can build your own food blog trunk using the email capture forms in the topic. Strategic ad placements can help you monetize your blog to get back the investment in the topic in about a month or half a month.

Foodie Pro Theme Support & Service

Aside from hundreds of free online tutorials on customizing Genesis themes, you are without a doubt getting the best support on themes. The Foodie Pro theme is the product of the world's leading StudioPress themes.

They are professionals and well respected in WordPress blogging. The service from StudioPress is top notch!

They have good customer service and, being the biggest WordPress theme seller, there are tons of expert tutorials and a huge community to help you with any questions you may have.

Most of the time I don't even reach customer service, just a single google search brings up tons of Genesis tutorial sites that have the snippet or tutorial needed.

Roundup: Foodie Pro Theme Review 2021 (Your Blog Deserves It)

As we can see, foodie pro is hands down the best food blog theme for WordPress bloggers. It has many benefits that will save your money and give you the freedom to customize your own blog without touching a line of code.

$ 129 is a great investment if you are serious about your blog. Take a tour here or take a free demo tour Get your copy of Foodie Pro here.

Get Your Copy Foodie Pro Theme Now! ››

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