How Devil fell for 2020, personification of the yr from Hell


On Wednesday, Match convinced us all that there is someone for everyone as it forged a love affair between Satan and 2020 (personified as a woman).

The ad, created by Ryan Reynolds' production studio Maximum Effort, plays out like a rom-com, with a cute, playful montage of dates in empty stadiums, gyms and cinemas and wishing that this year is forever would last.

Today the brand released a follow-up spot of footage of the happy couple calmly describing their relationship while lounging together on an antique couch with a happy melody in the background.

The shy smile, the year of our nightmares, 2020, assures the camera that some of her past friends were far worse than this one – at least Satan's more famous.

The devil himself, whose 8-foot-5 figure looms over the grinning presence of 2020, explains that other years just won't make him the way 2020 will. Sure, there is a little misery in them, he says, "but nothing is really soul-destroying for you."

In response, 2020 states that she really just wants to be remembered. "You know Shakespeare's The Road Less Traveled poem?" she asks seriously, wrongly quoting both the title and the author of one of the most famous poems of all time. "I have a tattoo of it." Laughing, Satan warns the camera not to ask about the placement of the tattoo.

The spot will feature the same slogan that was posted on Wednesday's "Make 2021 Your Year" ad.

In July, Reynolds joined the board of directors of Match Group, which includes Tinder, Hinge, OKCupid and This is the first campaign that Maximum Effort has created for any of the company's properties.

"Match is responsible for bringing millions of people together, and even in that dumpster fire of a year, people somehow found love for Match," Reynolds said in a statement. “We were just imagining what a '2020 game' would look like, and this video was the natural, slightly distorted result. This stuff also gives me something to think about during board meetings. "


Jeffrey Rabinowitz