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How has digital marketing developed over the past 10 years?


When we say the digital marketing industry has advanced over the past decade, it is only extremely mild. Not only has it grown, but changed the field of marketing forever. From 2010 to 2020, the evolution of digital marketing has been phenomenal, from a few smartphones to endless smartphones, from websites to apps and everything in between.

To give you a clearer picture of how far we’ve come, below are the top ten advances in digital marketing over the last decade:

Rapid growth of social media

If we were to analyze the history of digital marketing ten years ago, even the idea that Twitter or Facebook could be used to market or promote products would have been mocked. Social media is one of the most powerful marketing tools of all today.

No digital marketing strategy is complete without social media marketing as the reach it offers is unparalleled. Imagine, in a world with 7.8 billion people, around 2.8 use Facebook – the largest network platform.

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and others have contributed to active audience engagement and brand awareness creation. Additionally, paid advertising on these platforms has paved the way for much better sales and brand awareness.

Search engines have become more effective

The fact, which has stayed the same even after a decade, is that the content matters, and a lot. What has changed, however, is the way it is displayed by Google and other search engines.

The addition of keywords in the content is not a new development, but the focus has shifted from using as many keywords as possible to using the correct number. Quality comes first as the content should appeal to the audience.

Using too many keywords seems very offensive. Hence, SEO analysts need to continuously work on the content to maintain their rankings without affecting the quality of their work.

The explosion of content

Can you imagine that ten years ago there were generally no podcasts or memes or just weird “viral” videos? Content marketing has developed a lot in these ten years and has grown into much more than blogging.

Content creation has become an art with the development of digital marketing as it is different for each platform and channel of a digital marketing strategy. You need to be constantly updated and updated on the latest marketing trends as everything changes so quickly.

Now that the number of users is only increasing every month, so is the content consumption. For this reason, content marketing has also developed rapidly. It’s been quite a journey from content to content marketing.

Everything is mobile-friendly

As mentioned earlier, smartphones have taken over the globe. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, and that’s not even an exaggeration. From rickshaw pullers to the elderly to toddlers (although they may not be entirely sure what they are doing) they are used by everyone.

With this in mind, digital marketing has expanded and introduced strategies to exploit their potential. Since the advent of apps and mobile browsers, companies have started producing content that is suitable for cell phones.

We live in a fast paced world and nowadays everything can be accessed with smartphones. As a result, content creators have made a conscious effort to push content that is suitable for both desktop and mobile screens.

The rise of digital influencers

The development of social media also gave rise to a new generation of content creators – influencers. These people have used the maximum tools that social media offers to make a name for themselves.

These influencers all have an affinity with a niche like fashion, gaming, or the arts, and all of their content revolves around that. Put simply, they are digital celebrities in that many look up to them for advice and inspiration, just as they do with celebrities like actors or athletes.

With the help of these influencers, many brands have expanded their reach by working with them and promoting their products.

Personalization is a priority

The key to not only attracting customers but also making sure they stay loyal is personalization. She played a huge role in the development of digital marketing. This is a key area that has been continuously worked on as it goes a long way towards creating a good customer experience.

Data analytics have been instrumental in making it effective as it helps you get to know your target audience better.

Transparency is vital to online marketing

People trust what they know and they know what you are telling them. Earning the trust of your prospects is the first step in converting them from prospects to loyal customers.

Many problems have been raised about the security of the user data they are providing on the various websites due to cyber fraud. Therefore, transparency has become an important aspect of digital marketing over the years as people are unwilling to simply put their trust in online businesses.

Increased importance for a great user experience

Every strategy, content and design is carried out with the customer in mind. The user experience is our top priority as everything depends on you of course.

Websites / mobile advertising came into their own from 2017 onwards when people realized how much a good digital presence in web space can mean for their company. This is because, as we mentioned earlier, the users are using their phones all the time and it allows you to improve visibility.

Increasing use of push notifications on mobile phones

According to certain reports, 90% of the time users use their phones is in one app or the other. Since mobile apps are easy to use and much more pleasing to the eye, their popularity has increased significantly in the last decade, the era of digital marketing development.

They have proven extremely helpful in expanding businesses and expanding their reach. Features such as push notifications and easy navigation have continued to increase sales and customers.

Increasing use of AI in all aspects of digital marketing

With the introduction of self-driving cars and user-friendly solar cells for home use, technological advances over the past decade have been revolutionary. AI has been a part of the digital space for a while, but it’s only been a few years since its use increased with the advancement of digital marketing.

From personalization to forward-looking marketing to dynamic pricing, AI has found applications in all aspects of digital marketing. Personalization in the digital marketing space is still evolving and will help target very specific, small groups or even individuals based on the technology.

Predictive marketing helps marketers develop strategies based on the specific situation and the best approach to addressing those issues. Dynamic pricing essentially means that the price of a commodity is not fixed, but depends on various factors such as demand, peak usage times, availability, etc.


All of these advances over the past decade only seem to be the tip of the iceberg as we look forward to what’s in store for digital marketing in the years to come. The speed at which this industry is growing continues to surprise and only get bigger and better.

The increased use of AR / VR, Internet of Things (IoT), gamification, advanced automotive tools, newly developed AI applications and much more awaits digital marketing in its steadily growing market. With the rapid development of digital marketing, the future is indeed very bright and predominantly digital.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz