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How Instagram for Business is changing the game for small business


You know you just minimized an app to read this article? It was most likely Instagram. Even if it didn’t, let’s assume it did for a minute. The reason for our bold assumption is the immense popularity of this app, which is growing day by day.

Do you know that almost 130 million Instagram have been actively used in India for a few months? That is 9.3 percent of the population of our country. The excitement for Instagram is so great that India has been used many times to test new services / products. The most famous cases are Instagram Lite and Reels.

As people have started to understand its importance in the past few years, it has become an integral part of the marketing strategies of many companies around the world. One of the factors that worked really well for this app is that people, even celebrities, tend to be freer as it has a very informal and airy feel to it.

Instagram stands for small business

Last year when the pandemic started and hit businesses around the world, Instagram launched a variety of ways people could discover and support small businesses. They also introduced tools that would help keep local businesses informed.

With the help of their new “Support Small Business” stickers, Instagram users can easily show their support for any business based on their stories. You could also mention the name of the company directly and give all of their followers a glimpse of how that particular account works.

When users use this sticker, the stories will be grouped under the “Support Small Businesses” sticker in order to reach a wider audience and give users easy access to the work of these small businesses.

Source: Elite Daily

The sticker helps these companies not only reach new customers but also keep in touch with their existing customers. With the help of this sticker, companies could also easily say greetings to business owners in their community.

They also added a section titled “Business Resources” that could help businesses by keeping them informed of the latest tools and resources that might prove to be helpful to them during such times.

Small businesses that work brilliantly on Instagram

Local businesses do well on Instagram

There’s a sea of ​​local businesses out there, and while it’s impossible to list them all here, we’ve rounded up our top deals for you:

1. Happy threads from supermoms

Supporting small businesses is about providing a platform for the people who want to establish themselves with the help of their craft. ‘Happy Threads’ was founded in 2016 by the organization ‘Supermoms4u’ and focuses on helping women use their artistic skills. These are different types of crochet products that are “handmade and hand-knitted”.

2. Okhai

Another small company powered by talented women. Any obstacles created by their less privileged backgrounds have been greatly reduced because of the platform. The talented team, made up of more than 400 rural women, sells handicrafts that abundantly flaunt its traditional heritage combined with modern processes.

3. Cats and bows

The award-winning accessory brand has been around for several years and founder Roshni built it from scratch. All of the different accessories sold by the brand are carefully designed and handcrafted by them. Roshni is also an active advocate for the entire micro business industry and is always open to working with other business owners so they can help each other out.

4. Go Boho Decor

Shefali Pandey’s idea is a home decor company that focuses on boho, eclectic, pastel and sustainable themes. The fact that her family business is furniture manufacturing has also helped her a lot in following her passion for decor. She is a digital marketer during the day and a “bizarre furniture maker” at night. Her work mainly focuses on the styling of rental apartments.

5. I am rural

With detailed descriptions highlighting the delicate work of rural women in India, I Am Rural is another great example of how Instagram has helped bridge the gap between them and their customers. These quality products are not only sustainable, but also sustainable. The account is slowly and steadily gaining in importance as more and more products hit the market.

There are so many options to choose from these days and it just goes to show that all that was needed was a platform for these talented people to show their skills on.

Thanks to Instagram, many young entrepreneurs have been able to get a platform where they can use their skills and actually benefit from them or just apply. Standing there is the scariest step and the platform made it a little easier.


For all of the companies out there that still have some reservations about the app and haven’t been able to get the results you were hoping for, go through the tips given below, incorporate them into your strategy, and you’re done.

These are best practices, especially for those small and medium-sized businesses that have not yet established themselves in the social media arena and are working on it:

Getting started with Instagram for small business

Find your customers

All you have to do is go through the following lists of your competitors’ accounts and see who is all interested in the nature of your job. Message them right away, don’t spam, and work on establishing a real connection.

Create good content

Delivering audience-specific content is critical to any marketing strategy. Use roles, posts, and stories to create content like short BTS clips, inspirational quotes, product insights, etc. Work on engagement.

Work on a good bio

You don’t have to be formal here. Humanize your brand and think about your target audience as you build your bio. Use emoticons, vertical spacing, or whatever comes to mind to help you express yourself better.

Post only high quality photos

Try to click pictures in natural light but avoid using your front camera and never edit your pictures with the Instagram filters. Use appropriate editing apps for a professional look.

Include hashtags

Try putting yourself in the shoes of your target audience and finding the hashtags they might use to find the type of content you are uploading. Use them, but don’t overdo it.

Keep them interested by offering discounts

This can be especially helpful for anyone who has opened small ecommerce stores on Instagram. You can attract more followers. But even if you don’t have an ecommerce store, offering exciting discounts is always a good strategy.

Maintain an aesthetic feed

Your feed needs to look cohesive on Instagram as the platform is all about aesthetics. You have a theme and color palette that is exclusive to your business to help you stand out.

Aesthetic Instagram feed

Source: A Dress Horse


Instagram and the endless features it offers on social media led to this major local business riot. A key factor in this growing industry is that users typically use the platform to pursue their interests.

That is exactly what makes it so popular. People can actively pursue their interests while staying in touch with their friends and family. The pandemic has only accelerated that process, and now that people are blatantly unleashing their creativity, we should do our part too and support small business.

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