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How is micro-moment marketing useful for marketers?


We always want more of our online content. That focus on more has resulted in an ever increasing number of searches, video content, shopping searches, and so on. All of this is due to the use of smartphones, which is why micro-moment marketing was born.

Meaning of micro moments

You know that fleeting moment when a question pops up in your brain and you immediately turn to your phone for the solution? Google calls such moments micro-moments. It focuses on the intent behind the search and, essentially, on the customer journey.

This helps them understand what people are looking for so they can figure out how to influence them. As with people’s transition to cell phones, new opportunities have opened up for brands and they need to be used effectively. This is why micro-moment marketing has become so important.

What is micro-moment marketing?

As mentioned above, micro-moment marketing focuses on deliberate searches that people do on a daily basis. Google has narrowed these questions down into four typical types:

  • I want to do that

  • I want to know it

  • I want to buy

  • I want to go

Because Google is so quick with the answers it gives its users, they rely heavily on the search engine for high quality answers to their questions. You want your solution to be precisely tailored to your micromotor needs. This is known as micro-moment marketing.

From a marketer’s point of view, this is a cornerstone. In fact, when people act in these moments, it becomes important for them to get results that are useful and relevant to them. Now the brand that is good at this has an immediate advantage over the others.

Advantages of micro-moment marketing

Some of the benefits of micro-moment marketing are listed below:

Build brand awareness for businesses of all sizes

There is great competition in the digital space, and companies of all shapes and sizes are vying for attention. In such a scenario, it can be quite difficult to get your target audience’s attention.

However, if you can effectively answer their “I want to” questions using content like blogs, etc., you may also be their “I want to buy” place to be.

Gives you a competitive advantage

When you invest in micro-moment marketing, you can easily expect success in your future. They simplify the user experience, which automatically makes them more like you, and of course this gives you a competitive advantage over anyone who doesn’t do the same.

Keeps users’ attention

With so much content to choose from, people usually don’t have huge attention spans. You have to get them to listen to you, and with the help of this form of marketing, you can do just that.

Create content that instantly fulfills customers’ intentional questions and choose your product or service. You need to make sure that you only provide valuable information so that it can effectively respond to your request.

How do I do micro-moment marketing?

To successfully market micro-moments, all you need to do is focus on the five W’s:

1. Who

Find out who your target audience is. Your demographics, likes, likes and dislikes. Anything that can help you create content that is tailored to your needs. After that, your target market should be broken down into segments so that you can run competitive campaigns.

2. What

Learn what your target audience is looking for according to their patterns, depending on the different micro moments. After that, start building your strategy. Often times, “I want to know” has multiple keywords as opposed to “I want to buy” moments when there aren’t that many.

3rd week

If you can judge where to look, it can be extremely important in your marketing strategy. Depending on their search behavior, you can find moments that I want to go and then focus on where people usually go after being in a certain place for a specific purpose. You can optimize your Google My Business account accordingly.

4. When

The “when” can help you view your content at a set time. This can be a specific day, time, and so on. If you know exactly when your target audience wants certain information, you can optimize your campaign and start PPC campaigns and other digital marketing strategies.

5. Why

“Why” is perhaps the most important of all as it will help convince your target audience to choose which option you are offering. Why would they go to your store through a similar store just minutes away? Formulate an answer by understanding the other four W’s. You can use personalization to get even better results.


While this is not a new marketing technique like the one that Google introduced back in 2015, not many are easily diverted from their established paths. This gives you a competitive advantage.

By catching yourself on the latest trends and leveraging them effectively, you will stay relevant and improve your business. Follow the steps given above and start building your micro-moment marketing strategy.

You can find more information on such marketing strategies in the Digital Ready blog section. Also, check out the different digital marketing courses we offer and take your first step to becoming a digital marketer.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz