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Just Swiggy It: Marketing Checklist for India’s Leading Grocery Delivery Service


Do you know the word that means that you don’t want to eat homemade food? That’s right, it’s swiggy. Founded in 2014 with just six delivery men serving food prepared by 25 restaurants, it is now a household name in all of the country’s major cities.

The founders – Nandan Reddy, Rahul Jaimini and Sriharsha Majesty – studied the growth of companies like Uber and Ola and understood the potential of the hyperlocal market. Cut to today, and the delivery service connects consumers to over 1 lakh restaurants in 200 cities.

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While the business acumen of the three founders played a massive role in Swiggy’s meteoric rise over the years, after numerous challenges it was marketing the brand that put it on the map. Today we’re looking at the role marketing played in their growth.

Swiggy’s vision

Swiffy’s mission statement is to “change the way India eats”. By this the company means that they want to improve or enhance their eating experience. They planned to do this by delivering quality food to their doorstep and providing them with unmatched convenience.

Now we all know that such an app that delivers groceries from outside vendors is not appreciated by the older generation. The younger generation, on the other hand, lives from such apps.

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Hence, they always had the younger generation as their primary target audience and all of their marketing strategies were planned accordingly. College students, bored teenagers, professionals (in their 20s) were some of the categories they targeted as they were most likely to order food as a quick fix.

While we’ve implied that their main target audience will be millennials, the age group the company pinpoints is between 18 and 35 years old. The convenience it offers people of this age group in urban areas has made them what they are today.

Swiggy’s main marketing channels

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Based on their meta title, which carefully includes all the required keywords in their meta description, the company has taken its SEO seriously. By using the H1 tag on the homepage, they made sure that the search engines can grasp the main topic.

Their backlink score is pretty impressive too, with the right mix of outbound and inbound links, and it shows that they visit their website regularly as there are absolutely no broken links.

In addition, the sitemap is always updated, which further simplifies the work of the search engines because they always know the layout of the company’s website. All of these factors together prove that Swiggy made sure their website was search engine friendly.

Social media marketing

Over the years, Swiggy has built a sizeable following on various social media platforms. A key factor that has helped them gain traction and stand out is the amazing campaigns they organize.

On their journey so far, they have come up with some pretty interesting ones that immediately struck a nerve with the audience who own their humorous puns and delightful one-liners. Some examples have been given below:

1. #WhatTheFalooda

Take a stand for their executives who are often victims of abuse due to certain dissatisfied customers. They also wanted to make their customers aware of their plight. Kudos to them for doing it in a way that was effective and was delivered in a way that didn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

2. #WhatsInAName

To raise awareness of the obstacles for their delivery partners and to highlight the dignity of work, they launched this campaign. It focuses on how these delivery partners deliver groceries and put a smile on people’s faces.

3. #DiwaliGharAayi

To capitalize on the importance of Diwali in the country and increase sales during the festive period, Swiggy launched this campaign to spread the festive spirit across the country.

On Instagram, they use delicious and enticing food images to invest their followers. Plus, they even use social media optimization services to make sure they reach their target audience. Basically, they have left no stone unturned to optimize the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

Email Marketing

They gave free rein to their creativity and made the most of their email marketing. With catchy subject lines and interesting written content backed up by beautiful graphics, the emails they send to their registered users are always stunning.

Every email they send has a specific purpose, with the latest highlighting the security protocols they follow to maintain company hygiene standards. Your e-mails also contain content about current events and happenings that are conveyed in a humorous way.

Key Values ​​That Drive Swiggy

Not only did they want to deliver food, they wanted to establish themselves in such a way that they would become an extension of the restaurant whose food they were delivering. And it’s safe to say that they succeeded.

Swiggy has had only one goal in mind since day one: to serve its target audience and deliver food whenever and wherever they want. They have achieved this to such an extent that no one can doubt their abilities any more.

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Some of the company’s core values ​​that have helped them perform so well over the years are listed below:

Final thoughts

Swiggy is a great example of how high a dynamic start-up can really climb. They have made optimal use of all the tricks of the trade that exist in the current digital marketing industry and are still maintaining the quality of their content.

From a single city delivery company to a grocery delivery company, the journey they have come is truly fascinating. The way their business strategies, marketing strategies and social media strategies come together has changed the company in just 6 years.

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