Many People aren’t thinking about Trump's aspirations for president


According to reports, President Donald Trump will be staying at his Palm Beach, Florida home on inauguration day to break with a centuries-old tradition and skip the swearing-in ceremony of President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris on Wednesday.

That's his short term plan. Long-term goals are still vague, although the 45th US President has announced that he will be setting up a conservative media company.

Public sentiment could spike any Trump-led business effort, according to a joint Adweek and Morning Consult poll that found 48% of Americans said Trump's turbulent presidency harmed its brand. (Only 23% said his presidency improved perceptions of the Trump brand, while 29% said perceptions of products named after the outgoing president hadn't changed in the past four years.)

Across many of the industries Trump has worked in – hotels, golf, television – the survey consistently found little interest in helping Trump financially, even though he clearly maintains a loyal niche audience that could be large enough to hold his own future business endeavors afloat.

A Trump book or a TV show? Maybe – if it's free

The study found that only 37% of Americans would read a book by Trump about his political career. Almost half of the respondents said they would only read it if they got a free copy. And 33% would watch a Trump-centric reality or news show, even though more than half of respondents said they would only watch it if they were already subscribed to the network.

Speaking in public is also a lucrative avenue for most former presidents, but Adweek's survey at Morning Consult found that 71% of respondents would not pay to attend a Trump speech.

The survey also found that 69% would not buy political goods for Trump, 61% would not stay in a Trump hotel, and 67% would not visit a Trump golf destination.

"Hateful". "Amounted to". But also "luxurious".

When asked which words best describe Trump's brand, the most likely answers were "hateful" (43%) and "cheating" (42%), although 42% also said "luxurious".

Trump's four years in the White House have made 46% less willing to buy something with the Trump imprimatur, and only 18% are now more willing to spend money on his resorts, high-rise condos, hotels, or loot.

In general, the 2020 election resulted in 52% of respondents being more negative about Trump as an individual towards a brand. Meanwhile, 23% said their opinion is more positive now and 25% said their opinion has not changed.

The survey was conducted between January 13-16 and had a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points. Interviewed men (48%) and women (52%), with 41% identified as Democrats, 29% as Republicans, and 30% as Independents. Baby boomers and millennials each made up 29% of the sample, Gen X 25% and Gen Z 14%.

The group was weighted according to those living in the south and west (61%), with 39% living in the midwest and northeast. Of those surveyed, 48% said they watch Fox News at least once a month, and 20% are Newsmax fans. One question about ideology was fairly evenly distributed among the study participants: 30% called themselves liberal, 30% conservative and 27% moderate.

Is it worth dropping the Trump name?

Trump's wide-ranging namesake stores once included menswear, Cologne, mail order steaks and an online university. Today it consists of 10 hotels, 19 golf clubs and 33 residential buildings around the world. Most of these are licensed and not owned, including the Trump International Hotel in the heart of Washington, D.C.

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Jeffrey Rabinowitz