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MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Evaluation 2021 + Tricks to Earn $ 1k / month


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Surname Review of the MyThemeShop affiliate program
Art WordPress theme
price Join for free
Program details No threshold payment
70% commission rates
60 day cookie policy
rating 5/5

I've already written about the top 30+ high paying affiliate programs for bloggers that has a crazy good conversion rate.

In this article, I'm going to review the MyThemeShop Affiliate Program and show you how to earn decent income (or at least $ 1000 per month) through advertising.

Affiliate programs are the best way to make money on your blog without selling your soul.

You will refer some great products to your readers in exchange for a commission for the referral.

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What is the MyThemeShop Affiliate Program?

MyThemeShop's affiliate program is one of the few WordPress theme conversion programs that converts. They have popular products (themes & plugins) that don't require a hard sale and their affiliate dashboard is neat with all the features needed.

Before we move on to the review of our MyThemeShop affiliate program, let me give you a quick rundown of the MyThemeShop topics.

MyThemeShop is a premium WordPress theme shop with over 358193 satisfied users worldwide. They offer a range of WordPress themes for every niche and business website.

In addition to WordPress themes, MyThemeShop offers a number of WordPress plugins such as WP Subscribe Pro, WP Review Pro and WP Notification Bar.

Most of their themes and plugins are reasonably priced and once purchased, each theme can be used for life on unlimited domains with 24 × 7 support.

Anyone with the MyThemeShop membership package can access them all Over 90 topics with $ 87 for just once. This lucrative offer attracts more attention because it is already a famous theme provider.

That's not all!

MyThemeShop has a Kickass affiliate program with which you can refer potential customers to MyThemeShop topics and plugins and earn a commission for every successful referral.

MyThemeShop's affiliate program is one of the few high-commission affiliate programs that you can work with earn 70% of the sales amount as a commission.

No wonder that feature-rich WordPress themes like this sell out easily and that you are making 3 to 4-digit affiliate income every month.

Excited are you

Earn money with MyThemeShop by creating a free affiliate account here.

Or read on to learn more about the affiliate program and how you can make more money from it.

MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review 2021: Summary

In conclusion, the MyThemeShop affiliate program is free, easy to promote, and offers a flat 70% commission for affiliates that is rare in the industry.

If you are an audience of bloggers or website owners of any kind, MyThemeShop is a good recommendation.

With MyThemeShop, bloggers and marketers can work with them through their affiliate program to sell their themes and plugins for WordPress while earning a referral commission.

With MyThemeShop you can keep a flat 70% of the sales amount, which makes it a lucrative affiliate program for advertising.

The MyThemeShop affiliate program is an easy to join and easy to promote affiliate program. You are dealing with high quality themes to sell to an audience that already knows the benefits of MyThemeShop themes making it easy to sell.

There are partners who earn a staggering 5-digit monthly income with their affiliate program.

On the official registration page for the MyThemeShop partner program we find this rough calculation of the earning potential from the partner program.

Payment details:

If you're a little practical, it's easy to say that the above calculation is for an average of 2 sales per day. It may seem easy, but making 2 sales consistently isn't that easy.

However, if we can think of creating at least 1 member account per week (which is easily achievable), you can easily make $ 1000 (approximately) per month which is a great passive income.

That is not all. Here are some other benefits of joining the MyThemeShop affiliate program.

Benefits of the MyThemeShop partner program:

  1. Simple registration and approval process.
  2. Since these are well-known products, there is no need to convince.
  3. Flat 70% of every sale you recommend.
  4. 70% of the sales amount of each subsequent product that purchases a referral within 15 days of the initial purchase.
  5. 60 days cookie duration.
  6. No minimum withdrawal limit. (There is no minimum withdrawal limit in MyThemeShop. At the end of the month, you get paid for every sale you make.)
  7. 2 tier affiliate program. You will receive 10% of the affiliate commissions made by each user you originally referred to MTS.
  8. Conversion-optimized media kit and motifs for advertising.

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How do I participate in the MyThemeShop affiliate program?

Here is the process to join the MyThemeShop affiliate program:

  1. Step 1: Go to and click "Get started button".
  2. Step 2: Enter your name and email ID and click "registerCheck your email address for confirmation and MyThemeShop login details.
  3. Step 3: Log in to your dashboard with the MyThemeShop login details provided and go to "Affiliate informationTab. You will be asked to enter the withdrawal method which is nothing other than your PayPal ID. This is a one-time process that ensures that you receive your affiliate commissions every month.
  4. That's it. You are now a MyThemeShop partner.

MyThemeShop partner login?

To get into yours MyThemeShop partner login Page, go to that page and click the Sign In tab on the menu bar. Enter your credentials and you're good to go.

How can I advertise and make money with the MyThemeShop affiliate program?

As with all other affiliate programs, MyThemeShop requires you to actively promote the brand in order to earn commissions. Unlike some hosting affiliate programs, MyThemeShop has no minimum earnings requirements. You can earn as much as you can and as much as you want.

Here are some cool affiliate marketing advertising techniques You can use it to promote the MyThemeShop affiliate program.

1) Don't limit yourself to subject reviews

Writing topic reviews is the technique of affiliate advertising that everyone thinks of first. But what if the first 5 places are already occupied by the authorities?

You can still write the best reviews to beat them, but I have the following strategies to help you rank it.

  1. Write topic reviews as soon as they are published. (This gives a good chance of getting the first position)
  2. Make your website more authoritative on this matter. Writing related posts like editing the topics, simple customization tips etc. increases your relevance and therefore the chances of ranking.
  3. Try list posts. The list of Top 10 WordPress Themes for Business, Movie Sites, Hospitals and Nursing Sites, etc. has more conversions and less competition. Check out my article The 10 Best AdSense Friendly WordPress Themes To See How I Promote MyThemeShop Themes Without Being For Sale.

2) Write tutorials and solve problems that users have used on these topics

Since MyThemeShop has a variety of useful plugins, you can use them and write a detailed installation process. You can also introduce them in your articles about a common problem.

For example, if you're writing an article about how quizzes can help with lead generation, you can just mention the Quiz Builder plugin and see steps to configure it.

These advertising techniques have better conversion rates than traditional review-type articles.

3) Create micro-niche sites

Blogging around a specific pain point of your audience can help you get great conversions. Like a niche site for a freelance writer or fashion blogger, and there you can promote the products more easily than any other mainstream blog.

Connected: Over 100 blog niche ideas

If that's too much, create a website that talks all about the themes and plugins and rate it according to the features.

People love the rated stuff. After all, it's easy to capture organized stuff based on rating, loading speed, SEO, and feature rich topics.

4) Invite as many sub-partners as possible

MyThemeShop supports a two-tier affiliate system with which a reasonable passive income can be achieved.

Invite as many sub-partners as possible and earn 10% of their income for life. If a sub-affiliate makes $ 500 per month and you have referred 10 such sub-affiliates, your account will be credited 50 × 10 = $ 500 with no conversion.

Commissions made through your links add up to increasing monthly income.

5) What not to do when promoting Mythemeshop products?

MyThemeShop has a strong attitude towards spam, the use of branded identities, and copyrighted content on their website. You should read the terms and conditions carefully before advertising.

Summary: MyThemeShop Affiliate Program Review 2021

As we saw above, MyThemeShop has great potential in helping you make decent affiliate income from your blog. This was also the first affiliate program I participated in after migrating from Blogger to WordPress.

I recommend that you join this affiliate program whether you are in the blogging niche or not. With quality articles and proper affiliate promotion strategies, you can certainly make a good amount with the MyThemeShop affiliate program.

If you have any doubts or problems joining, comment below and I'll help you.

Join the MyThemeShop partner program now! ››

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