Package Kat takes a break from the slogan "Take a break"


Everything, no matter how well known or robust, could use a breather every now and then.

Just in time for a different Halloween season from previous years, Nestlé's Kit Kat launched a global campaign asking the public to find a temporary alternative to the brand's well-known slogan: “Take a break, have one Kit Cat. "

The digital marketing effort launched by Wunderman Thompson to mark Kit Kat's 85th anniversary begins today and will run through October 26th on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #ABreakForHaveABreak. The chocolate-covered wafer brand will also reach out to its Nestlé siblings as well as competing CPG marketers through social media to encourage them to come up with some of their own creative taglines.

To aid fans in their brainstorming sessions, Wunderman Thompson also created an online slogan generator.

The Kit Kat line "Have a break" was written in 1957 by Donald Gilles, a copywriter for J. Walter Thompson. The brand has mostly stuck to one version of it since then. (At the end of 2018, JWT merged with the digital agency Wunderman to form Wunderman Thompson.)

"The countries have tried to adjust and / or change the leadership, but only for a short time," said a spokesman for Wunderman Thompson. "It remains one of the longest running end lines in the world."

Anyone who can come up with the best new slogan will receive an 85-hour luxury hotel stay for two people that pays all costs. Jeremy Bullmore, former chairman of J. Walter Thompson, who was creative at the advertising agency when he coined the phrase, will assist in selecting the winner of the competition.

Wunderman Thompson confirmed that Kit Kat will not pause advertising or take a marketing break during the competition. "It's just a fun campaign," said the spokesman.

Inviting the internet to openly comment on a brand carries risks. When asked if bad actors could ruin the competition or try to damage Kit Kat's reputation, Wunderman Thompson said he would oversee engagement and enforce damage control if necessary.

"We believe the majority of people will just have fun with the slogan and play around instead of trying to make something bad out of it," the spokesman said.

Kit Kat was introduced as Chocolate Crisp in 1935 and is now available in more than 80 countries, according to Nestlé.

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Jeffrey Rabinowitz