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Prime 10 Greatest Methods to Know Your Viewers Higher


The whole marketing strategy is modelled around your target audience in digital marketing. So, you must know how to identify your audience to grow your business and here we are going to explain 10 best and simple ways on how to know your target audience.

Everything we do is for the customers. Not only marketing but every industry out there is working day and night to cater to their customers since without them, there are no sales. And without sales, what is left of any business?

Importance of Knowing your Target Audience

Importance of knowing your audience, and a specific group at that, helps you in creating a strategy that will resonate the best with them. The research, ideation, curation and implementation, all the steps are carried out keeping the preferences of your target audience in mind.

10 Simple Ways to get to Know Your Audience

How to identify your audience and then how are you supposed to go about the processing of getting to know them has been explained using 10 easy steps:

Step 1: Conduct Market Research

How to know your target audience? Get settled and do some solid research. Determine what is the age, gender, job profile, marital status and other such factors of the people who are more likely to buy your products/services.

While demographics will answer the ‘who’ part of the question, psychographics will answer the ‘why’. Dig deeper and find out the personality, values, attitude, lifestyles and other such factors of the people who are more likely to buy your products.

This will help you in including these in your campaigns when endorsing your brand and creating awareness.

Step 2: Know your Competitor’s Strategy

Studying your competitor’s strategy is one of the best ways to know your target audience. Research never ends and this is like going about research in a roundabout fashion. You are trying to figure what it is that is working for your competitor’s strategy.

Is it the way they are framing their sentences? Or are they using more infographics than plain images? You need to get to the bottom of what is clicking because you share the same target audience, naturally.

Step 3: Create Buyer Personas

You have to put together the characteristics that your ideal or target customers would have – create a buyer persona. This is like a make believe character that you create by feeding information that you have gathered by doing your research into them. The result is what your buyer’s persona looks like.

Step 4: Use Different Tools to Collect Data

When you are using tools to collect data, you also have a specific set of questions you need answered. You need to therefore, use a combination of tools in order to answer all your questions.

You can collect data using a number of ways such as interviews, questionnaires, using existing data, observing your target audience and even analytics tools to gather their behaviour patterns.

Step 5: Keep a Track of the Comments and Feedback Given by the Audience

Another important way of getting to know your target audience is by keeping a strict note of all their comments and feedback. While not every comment can be taken into consideration as not all of them are relevant, you need to take special notice if some are being repeated.

Having said that, it doesn’t mean you ignore the other comments or feedback. You need to have a team in place that consciously goes over as many of them as possible and reaches out to the respected customers with a plan of action.

Step 6: Find the Right Platform to Reach your Target Audience

One of the most integral parts of reaching your target audience is getting to which platform would be the best one to connect with them. You need to figure out which one they frequent the most.

You can then plan your social media marketing strategy accordingly since different tactics are required for different platforms. The content, time of pushing it out and such factors vary from platform to platform.

Step 7: Conduct Surveys and Interviews

What is a better way of getting to know your target audience other than just asking them directly what works and doesn’t for them. Qualitative data is always very helpful because of the detailed information that you are able to procure.

If you have such detailed answers to help out, imagine the quality of the content you’ll be creating. It all comes down to how well you know your audience and the efforts you’re willing to put into getting to know them better.

Step 8: Create Unique Messages that Engages the Audience

Not just engagement but ‘meaningful engagement’ as put forth by Facebook is essential. You actually have to be social on social media to engage the audience. One way in which you can do this is come up with unique messages which are sure to resonate with your target audience.

You can take the help of trending memes, events or quirky writing and use them in some way or the other to create messages that the people can relate to.

Step 9: Improve your Search Engine Rankings

No matter how small or bug the query is, people are going to turn to search engines to get it answered and if your SEO ranking is good, it will rank higher on the results page where you can know your audience better and ranking on the top will also lead to more traffic for your site, and therefore more business.

Another advantage of ranking higher is that your audience will have more faith in your credibility because they won’t question Google’s judgement. So make sure to work on your SEO strategy and always keep updated about the latest trends.

Step 10: Look into analytics

The importance of knowing your audience better has not been lost on anybody and thus, the invention of tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Instagram Insights and others.

You can take the help of these tools to get behavioral insights. They take into consideration raw data and provide you with sound results to simplify your decision-making process. It will help you in taking into account factors you otherwise wouldn’t have considered.


We do so much to generate business and to think that it could all go in vain if you are not reaching the right audience? This is the first step if you want to grow your business, and therefore, you need to learn the importance of knowing your audience.

Every decision that you make regarding your marketing strategy stems from the knowledge you have of your target audience. This is why you need to ensure that you are doing everything to determine who they are. The steps listed above will help you in not only knowing who they are but also how to get to know them better. If you still have any doubts, don’t forget to reach out to Digital Ready.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz