Rest easy with Monica Hoyer as the email marketer


Acid’s Monica Hoyer explains why checking the quality of email is so important – and how it is done in a way that leaves no room for human error.

Pressing the send button is stressful.

How can you be sure you haven’t missed a typo? Or have your design displayed the way you want to your entire audience?

Email errors can happen to anyone – from solo preneurs to massive Fortune 500 companies. And one mistake can cost you tens, hundreds, or thousands of dollars.

The solution? Run email marketing quality reviews. An optimized process for quality inspection and testing can give you security.

And a tool like Email on Acid can help. That’s why we spoke to Email about Monica Hoyer, Marketing Director at Acid, about The FWD: Thinking Show, about best practices for email testing, quality checking, accessibility, and more.

Now listen to the episode.

Why should I check my email for quality?

Email marketing quality review is one of the most important parts of the email marketing process.

Nobody is immune to mistakes. After all, we are all human. And even if you have a team of people reviewing and reviewing every single email that comes out your door, the occasional mistake or two can happen.

Checking email is more than checking typos. You want to check accessibility and make sure your emails are not moved to the spam folder either.

Why is the availability of e-mails so important?

Email is personal. And if you don’t understand constraints on your audience, you are missing out on an important personal note.

Also, Monica shares that if you don’t optimize your email content for your entire audience, you’ll be missing out on some of your profits.

This is why the availability of e-mails is so important. And why should you do an email accessibility check before every email you send?

What should be part of an email accessibility check? First, make sure that there is alt text on each image so that emails read on home speakers or screen readers can be read properly. You want to make sure that your target audience interprets your email the way you intended, whether they are reading your email or have your email read aloud.

If you have visually impaired subscribers in your audience, incorrect or inaccessible color ratios can make reading very difficult for them.

Don’t alienate any part of your audience with inaccessible emails. Make sure anyone who signs up for your email can access it. Not only do you build trust with your entire audience, but you also create deeper personal connections.

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Email Marketing Trends in 2021

Monica believes personalization and segmentation will continue to be important in email marketing this year.

Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in companies sending essentially the same email to their target audience. Monica notes that people are fed up with these emails as they usually send one too many emails.

It’s time for email to get very personal again and treat email marketing like a one-on-one channel.

Eventually, Monica believes that message identification branding indicators (BIMI) will be revived in email marketing. BIMI requires authentication. However, when you use it, your brand’s logo will be appended to your email messages.

With BIMI, people can quickly identify your brand and trust that you are the real business. If they can immediately tell that the logo matches the sender name, they are more likely to open it and trust that it is from the right place.

About Monica Hoyer

With more than 20 years of experience in email marketing, Monica has worked for various email service providers and on the brand side. She leads the marketing team at Email on Acid and is very familiar with all areas of digital marketing. In her free time, Monica enjoys spending time with her elementary school son and her dog, a beagle rescue.

Check out Email on Acid and follow Monica on Twitter.

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