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It is very important that you pretend I am Kate McKinnon for a brief moment while I let you know: Live, from Facebook … it's a streaming video!

Facebook Live video broadcasts started in 2016, but with so much life going on in 2020, the medium has never been more popular.

The daily viewing time for Facebook Live broadcasts is four times higher than last year. Every fifth video on the platform is now live. (Yet nobody watches my Kate McKinnon impression videos? Hmm. Strange.)

Conferences, quiz nights, concerts, Q&A, table readings, juicy behind-the-scenes gossip, your mom's retirement party: it all comes to your feed, raw and unedited, as brands and citizen broadcasters try to bring authentic real-time interactions with your computer or phone screen .

And for the most part, it works. With the ability for viewers to ask questions, join the conversation, respond, and comment on, Facebook Live Videos get six times more engagement than standard videos.

All of this means: Live broadcasts are part of a comprehensive Facebook marketing campaign for businesses and an ideal way to increase engagement on social media.

Do you want to go live and thrive? Everything you need to know is here.

Source: Facebook

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How to go live on Facebook

You can go live on Facebook from your computer or from your phone. It's like a little television studio is everywhere with you – what a world!

When you broadcast a Facebook Live video, it will appear on your page, group, or event and may also appear in the news feed or Facebook Watch.

When the broadcast is over, you can edit and share a recording of the live video on your site. What a pleasure for future generations to enjoy over and over again.

Here are the step-by-step instructions for your next light camera action moment.

Here's how to go live on Facebook from your phone

There are two ways to go live on Facebook using your mobile device.

Using the Facebook app:

1. Go to the page, group, event, or personal profile that you want to stream your video from.

2. Tap Life, located at the bottom of your post composer.

3. Write a description. (Here you can mark friends, co-workers or your location.)

Go live on Facebook on mobile

4. Tap Start the live video to start the live broadcast.

5. When you are finished, tap Finished end the live stream.

Using the Creator Studio App:

  1. On the Home or Posts tab, click the create icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Select the option for Live Post.
  3. Write a description. (Here you can mark friends, co-workers or your location.)
  4. Tap Start the live video to start the live broadcast.
  5. When you're done, tap Finished end the live stream.

Here's how to go live on Facebook from your computer

You can create live video content using your computer's built-in webcam and microphone. However, you can also hook up high-end production equipment if you'd like. I'm looking at you Scorsese!

To take your livestream to the next level with graphics, screen sharing, and more, you can also integrate streaming software like Streamlabs OBS. (For more information on connecting streaming software, see here.)

Regardless of the tools you use to go live on Facebook from your computer, you will be directed to the Live Producer tool first.

Use your built-in webcam

1. At the top of your news feed under "What are you up to?" Click the Live Video icon in the status field.
Live video icon

2. You will be taken to the Live Producer tool and asked to select your video source. Choose Use camera.

3. Write a description on the left side of the screen and add an optional title for your live video. Here you can mark people or places or collect money with the "Donate" button.

Live producer tool

4. When you are finished, click the Go Live button in the lower left of the screen.

For more information on using Live Producer, see here. Facebook also offers advanced tips for planning a bigger virtual show or event when you're ready for the big time.

Use streaming software

Some streaming software, also known as "encoders" or "encoding software", can be used in Live Producer. You can go live directly from this program using other software built into Facebook's Live API.

Because of these discrepancies, it is best to check the software itself for information on how to set up a successful Facebook stream.

The best choice for you will depend on the type of content you want to stream. However, many are free and open source. Learn more about coding software options and getting streaming software up and running.

How to Go Live from Messenger Rooms on Facebook

Do you want to share your dazzling Messenger Room conversation with the world? You can broadcast your video chat live to multiple people!

(Note that only the room creator can choose whether to go live. Also, Messenger Rooms shows only work with the Google Chrome browser.)

Messenger rooms
Source: Facebook

  1. Once your Messenger room is set up, click Live in the top right corner.
  2. Give your live video a title if you want.
  3. Choose where you want your live video to be broadcast: on a page you manage, in a group or on your personal timeline.
  4. Choose your audience.
  5. click Next.
  6. The participants then have the option to confirm or leave the room. The room creator can also remove participants who do not respond.
  7. click begin Go live!
  8. When the fun is over, click Life Click again in the upper right corner The End.

15 tips for using Facebook Live

Now that you're a lean, mean streaming machine, it's time to move up a level. Get the most out of your streaming experience with these tips and best practices.

Plan ahead

Just because it's live doesn't mean it has to be sloppy! A little improvisation adds an air of authenticity, but a sprawling, endless video isn't everyone's idea of ​​a good time.

Make sure you have a purpose – something you want to accomplish, a message to post – before you hit that live button. Think of it like an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm. They may not have word-for-word scripts, but they do have an outline of the plot to work towards.

Creating a roadmap of the beats and talking points that you're dying to hit will ensure that your conversation goes in a targeted direction.

Be authentic

The unpolished nature of live video is part of its charm. Embrace that built-in intimacy and authenticity. If something goes wrong, laugh at it. When you get emotional, lean into it.

By taking an unfiltered, uncensored look at your life or business, you generate a lot of trust and admiration for the audience. Don't be afraid to get real! (As long as it's included in Facebook's Code of Conduct.)

Team up with guests

One of the most interesting live content is sharing it: two or more people chatting live.

Interview an expert, perform with another musician, host Q&A, or take a tour – all in one split-screen broadcast. You're a talk show host and nobody can stop you! Nobody!

On your page or in your profile, select a guest with whom you would like to go live during a live mobile broadcast.

For larger groups (up to 50 participants!) You can send live from Messenger Rooms on Facebook.

You can also use selected streaming software on your computer (see above) for sharing. Video conferencing software partners like Zoom and Bluejeans are another way to broadcast live with multiple people. Get the whole gang involved.

Team up with guests on Facebook Live
Source: Facebook

Build up anticipation

Nothing stands out more than going live in front of an audience of … nobody.

Get hype on your next livestream with teaser posts. (Tips on writing an effective call to action can be found here.)

Facebook also offers the option to subscribe to live notifications to ensure your audience doesn't miss a moment.

You can also schedule your broadcast up to a week in advance.

Schedule a live video event

  1. click "What's on your mind?" at the top of the newsfeed.
  2. click Live video.
  3. click Schedule a live video top left.
  4. Select the date and time.
  5. Choose where you want to send the video.
  6. Select an image to add a photo if you want.
  7. click Schedule live video bottom left.

If you're planning a live broadcast, a announcement The post is created and published on your page: people who see this can click "Get Reminder" just before the stream starts for a one-time notification.

Later a Post with your live stream will be published automatically at the scheduled time. Action time!

For more information on the settings for scheduling live videos, see the Facebook Business Help.

First test your broadcast privately

Get a private look at your show to make sure everything looks and sounds great by changing the privacy settings.

Switch to Just Me to view your live video stream without prying eyes before going live all over the world.

Test the broadcast by switching to

Invest in quality

Audiences are pretty forgiving of the video and audio quality for live video.

However, if you have the resources to invest in external microphones, a tripod, or even a ring light, these can add up the glamor factor.

We have a separate post here on social media video specs and how to maximize your quality here.

Identify your employees

Live stream descriptions provide the ability to tag people, pages, or places. Take the opportunity to call your employees or identify your location or your company.

Not only does this help viewers understand what the hell they are watching, but tags also help display the content in other feeds and reach an audience outside of your own.

Keep offering context

Your superfans may watch eagerly from the start, but others will hop on and off. So make sure you give the viewers the context no matter when they join you.

Include short and snappy recaps on your show to quickly explain who, what, where, or why. For example, periodically during an interview with Austin's most prolific dog groomer, I could say, "If you just come over to us, I'll speak to Austin's most prolific dog groomer."

Branded backgrounds or on-screen text can also help clarify what's happening. You can also pin a comment that provides context or encourages engagement.

Take your sweet time

The longer you broadcast, the more people you will reach. So let this stream run.

Facebook actually uses its algorithm to prioritize longer videos (videos that are three minutes or longer). So don't be afraid to take your time. You can even stay alive for up to eight hours using streaming software.

Actively involve your viewers

What makes live video so special is that it is not a one-way street. Broadcasters can actively interact with their viewers in real time.

Say hello to commenters when they hear your broadcast and respond to comments and questions as they come. You can also pin top-notch comments at the top of the chat.

(If you have a troll in the mix, don't worry: you can block viewers while it's live. Just tap their profile picture, then click Block.)

It can be difficult to balance community engagement while it airs. So don't be afraid to ask for help. With a second person moderating the chat or filtering for important questions and comments, you can focus on being the host with the most.

Create your own real highlight

When the stream is over, the fun doesn't have to end. Trim unnecessary footage or create shorter clips and share the final product on Facebook.

  1. To trim a previously live video, go to Creator Studio and then go to the Content Library.
  2. Click the Posts tab.
  3. Check the box next to the previous live video you want to edit.
  4. Choose Edit Post.
  5. Choose Trimming or video clipping and adjust as needed.
  6. Choose save up when done. You can find the finished product on the Clips tab.

Produce regularly scheduled programs

Facebook loves persistence. In fact, the algorithm takes into account how often viewers come back to watch your content.

Broadcast regularly so your audience will keep coming back.

Of course, that doesn't mean you can't mix things up. Experiment with formats, durations, and different broadcast styles to see what viewers like best. Create your own Must-See TV Facebook page.

Host a paid online event

In order to help small businesses and event producers whose live offers have been hit hard by the pandemic, Facebook launched a paid online event option for selected partners this year.

This option allows creators to limit the distribution of content to ticket holders or registered users.

  1. Create an online paid event by clicking on the Events tab Create and then On-line.
  2. Enter details such as the event name, date and time.
  3. Choose Private, Publicity or group Privacy settings and click Done.
  4. Go to Online Event and select the event format you want: Messenger rooms or Facebook Live.
  5. Choose Admission and choose Activate paid access to choose your price from the drop down menu.

Further information on online events can be found here.

Host paid online event

Source: OfficialMinks

Add captions

85% of Facebook videos are viewed with no sound. So make sure your message gets through loud and clear even without audio by adding subtitles.

This is also an important tool for accessibility for hearing impaired viewers. After all, it should be great content for everyone.

For more tips on creating inclusive content on social media, click here.

Promote your live content on other social media

Just because you go live on Facebook doesn't mean your Twitter audience should be left out.

Whether you have a special upcoming live event or a regular series, spread the word across all of your platforms that this is the place.

Facebook Live Video Ideas

We have a ton of great video production ideas here, but to warm you up to content creation mania, here are some options for your next Facebook Live video.

Tap Trending Topics

Use live video for up-to-date conversations.

Regardless of whether it is a current major event, a viral challenge or a national holiday, get on the time-sensitive train that inspires you.

Facebook user Minks, for example, got in the holiday mood with a live streaming gingerbread contest. The mixture of fierce competition with her partner and a festive mood got the comment area going.

OfficialMinks Live Streaming Gingerbread Contest

Source: OfficialMinks

Questions and answers and interviews

Facebook Live's co-broadcast functionality makes it the ideal format for grilling someone live in the air.

Best of all, you can even answer questions from the viewers like it's an amazing interactive version of 60 minutes and you are Barbara Walters … but even hotter!

For example, Tell Me Baby did a live Q&A with conscious parenting trainer Anna Davis, and the comments were rife with issues with toddlers.

Tell me Baby Live Q&A

Source: Tell me baby

Latest news

If people need to know, they need to know! You don't have to wait for a specific airtime to let your viewers know about breaking news. Just press the "Live" button and point the camera in the direction of the drama.

During the heat of Covid, which was changing so much by the hour, news organizations made extensive use of this feature to share important new information with the community.

Here Sky News Australia shared a live stream from Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews offering a pandemic update to citizens.

Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews shared breaking news on the pandemic
Source: Sky News Australia

Live events and performances

If you can't be there in person, pretty much the next best thing to do is to catch a performance or competition via live.

The American Cornhole League knows this firsthand.

For those not lucky enough to see the beanbag thrill firsthand in the ACL Open Singles Division, there was a live feed on Facebook.

You pay for the entire seat, but only need the edge!

The live event of the American Cornhole LeagueSource: American Cornhole League

This also applies to conferences, panels, lectures, workshops or concerts. If a camera can record it – like the Weeklings Holiday Concert – you can make it visible to everyone on Live.

Weeklings Holiday Live Concert Stream
Source: The Weeklings

Behind the scenes

Offer an intimate insider look behind the scenes of your company or your production with a live tour.

This tour through the Jutta Shelter dog sanctuary gives us a whole new perspective on the animal shelter.

Is the camera work a bit shaky? Yes. But are these dogs adorable and will all of them be adopted by me right away? Yes.

Jutta Shelter Dog Sanctuary Animal shots behind the scenes

Source: Jutta Shelter

Product demos or tutorials

Show all the functions of your products and exchange tips and questions live, similar to what Mary Kay consultant Sam Lanuzo did in her own stream.

Mary Kay Live Product Demo
Source: Sam Lanuzo Mary Kay

Product launches

This is the latest news of a different kind: hot new products, ready to be dropped.

If you have company news to share, make it an event and create the excitement at a big moment that you don't want to miss.

This flip-flop company announced big news on a live stream to really make a splash: new tie-dye sandals. I know, I know. Basically too hot for television!

Bella Jade Boutique Live Product Launch
Source: Bella Jade

Regularly scheduled live show

In the spirit of Wayne & # 39; s World, transform the internet into your own publicly accessible cable network and regularly produce your own live show.

If it's good enough for Jada, Adrienne, and Willow on Red Table Talk Live, it's good enough for you!

Red Table Table Live
Source: Red Table Talk

Work with an influencer

Team up with a household name to raise your profile … much like the Feeding America charity did with a popular Call of Duty-playing grandma.
Feeding America Call of Duty Collaboration
Source: Tactical Gramma

Other Facebook Live questions

You have burning Facebook Live questions and I have answers. Should I probably answer this in a Facebook Live video? It's too late now!

How does the Facebook algorithm handle Facebook live video?

According to an update from May 2019, the news feed prefers high-quality original videos.

Videos that are longer than three minutes and not in use by other places that users search and return to rank higher than other content.

Further information on mastering the Facebook algorithm can be found here.

Where do Facebook Live Videos appear?

Live video will be displayed on your page, group, event or personal profile as selected when you start broadcasting.

Once the video is over, the video will continue to appear on your page or profile. You can edit this content in Creator Studio (see above).

How Long Can Facebook Live Videos Be?

If you're broadcasting from your computer – either from your webcam or streaming software – the time limit is eight hours.

The limit for transmission from cell phones is four hours.

How to connect Zoom to Facebook Live

First, enable Facebook live streaming for webinars.

  1. Sign in to the Zoom website as an owner or administrator.
  2. click Account management.
  3. click Webinar settings.
  4. click To edit.
  5. Check “Host can allow webinars to be streamed live”, then check “Facebook”.

Broadcast your Zoom meeting using the following steps:

  1. Start your webinar.
  2. In the meeting controls, click More.
  3. click Live on Facebook. (You will be asked to sign in if you haven't already.)
  4. Select the location on Facebook where you want your video to be sent.
  5. click Next.
  6. click Go live.
  7. Wait for the Zoom notification that your vapor is active and get on the show!
  8. Click to end the webinar Stop streaming in zoomor end the meeting.

Please visit the Zoom website for more information or troubleshooting.

How to share screen shares on Facebook Live

To share your screen with viewers during a live broadcast, you need to go live with your camera.

  1. Go to Live Producer.
  2. Choose Use camera.
  3. Go to the setup menu and select Start screen sharing.
  4. Select the content you want to share.
  5. click share.
  6. click Go live.
  7. Click to stop sharing your screen Stop sharing your screen.

How to save Facebook Live videos

After your live broadcast, a screen will appear for you to post on your page. Here you can tap the download button to save the video to your camera roll.

Congratulations! If Facebook were like SNL (remember my reference from the past? From the start? We all loved it?) You would absolutely be promoted to the main cast now that you are an expert on everything live.

Do you want to go further with your livestream championship? Next, visit our Instagram Live guide.

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