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Ten manufacturers with the most effective digital advertising and marketing methods


The sheer amount of content on the internet is ridiculous. There is something for everyone, and in the midst of it all, creating and establishing your brand identity is no easy task. However, this can be done using digital marketing strategies.

There is a system of how things work on the web, and when you can re-use and re-plan a good digital marketing strategy, there is no end to what you can accomplish. To prove this point, we’re going to go over the success stories of some of the best marketing strategies used by companies around the world.

Power of a good digital marketing strategy

Before we dive into the success stories of how top brands are using digital marketing, let’s focus on why exactly a digital marketing strategy is so important.

Almost half of the people out there doing digital marketing do so without a well-designed strategy that shows in their work. Have a structured and consistent strategy:

  • Keeps you up to date
  • Helps you manage your finances better
  • Gives you more breathing space to work on other ideas

In the meantime, when you don’t have any, problems keep popping up.

  • You are missing a goal to be your driving force. While this doesn’t have to be monumental, there should be something that drives you
  • Strategy takes a lot of research and if this is not part of your process you don’t know the audience you are serving which is a huge mistake
  • You are wasting your time, resources and finances because you don’t know how to manage them

Therefore, the power of the best digital marketing strategy lies in the fact that it prepares for the whole process in advance. You will know what you are getting into so you can prepare accordingly.

10 brands that are making the most of digital marketing

While a certain number of names were popular before digital marketing became so important, they have actively embraced this form of marketing. This is because the reach is enormous and it is imperative to run a business, no matter how popular, to keep up with the times. Here are some of the best marketing strategies that businesses use

1. Nike

Nike Digital Marketing

The global sportswear giant doesn’t just do this when it comes to digital marketing strategies. They put a lot of thought and effort and this was reflected very well in their campaign for their new brand – Jordan.

Nike has partnered with Facebook Messenger’s chatbot platform Snaps. The chatbot kept all followers of the company informed about the new brand via Facebook Messenger.

NIke has used a creative digital marketing strategy to promote its products. Newsletters, blogs, new posts on the websites, everything was communicated to the followers via Messenger and they could also adjust the times at which they received these notifications. This digital marketing strategy resulted in an 87% open rate and was a huge success.

digital marketing nike

2. Airbnb

air bnb digital marketing

Airbnb, one of the best social media companies, has made a name for itself in the travel industry with over 150 million active users worldwide. It has a massive 700 million active Instagram users every month who have enlisted the help of influencer marketing to get the word out.

Most influencers use this platform and therefore have a good impact on what has helped Airbnb immensely. Mariah Carey, the famous singer, had posted a post on her Instagram that she was on Airbnb property and it had over 45,000 likes.

She was the first influencer / celebrity to promote her company and many others followed suit. When they were ready to announce their 60,000 new dog-friendly traits, they enlisted the help of Marnie – a popular dog on Instagram who has over 1.3 million followers.

She was shown to have the time of her life in a mansion, and Airbnb successfully used her popularity to make her announcement effective. It has been very well received by Instagram users.

digital marketing Airbnb

3. Netflix

Netflix digital marketing

Netflix, one of the top digital marketing companies, takes the help of personalization and simplicity to market its content. Both of these together really work for them as there is no need to bombard customers with email and force options down their throats.

They’ll send out an email every now and then based on the viewer’s story and address them by their first name to keep things light and personal. Your call to action is a one word game that will appear on your notification bar. Simple and effective.

digital marketing netflix

4. Tesco

tesco digital marketing

Tesco is one of the top brands using digital marketing. This supermarket giant took the help of email marketing to increase sales. But they did it smartly. They collected information using Clubcard purchase history information to provide family / personal preferences.

They did this because segmented email (essentially broken down by demographics, preferences, etc.) works more effectively and it is a proven fact. They have a 65% higher open rate than unsegmented emails.

With the information obtained, they sent different families, different recipes and discounts and offers based on their history.

5. Starbucks

Starbucks digital marketing

Starbucks, the coffee genius, is one of the best companies using social media. It uses social media platforms really well. The company always tries to actively bring its customers into contact with them.

One of their most effective campaigns was “Tweet a Coffee”. Users could give their friends a $ 5 gift card by adding “@tweetacoffee” and mentioning their grip in the tweet.

They are also very quick to respond to feedback from their customers, working on the negatives and thanking them for the positives.

digital marketing starbucks1

6. Coca Cola

Coca Cola digital marketing

Coca-Cola has always focused on delivering a personalized customer experience as their satisfaction should always come first. Coca Cola is one of the companies that is taking advantage of social media marketing at its best. With more than 90 million users on all of their social media platforms, they have a thriving digital presence.

Her Twitter presence in particular is really good and healthy. They get in direct contact with their followers on the platform and come to campaigns to share a cola. You have received a great response.

It was text wrapped around the bottle that read: “Share a Coke with …” followed by the name of a celebrity. It started in Australia and has evolved over the years, increasing its sales significantly. Selena Gomez also promoted her brand in the US, turning it into “Share a Coke and a song with …”.

digital marketing Coca Cola

7. Ford

ford digital marketing 2

Ford used one of the best content marketing strategies out there. The company’s content marketing strategy is very noticeable as it touches on issues such as carbon neutrality that are relevant and contribute to its attractiveness.

Her blogs are heavily based on her story, which gives her an enriched quality that instantly engages viewers. This also includes the company’s initiatives and product and service updates.

They have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Flickr and a large fan base that they actively engage with.

Content Marketing Ford

8th pigeon

Deaf digital marketing

Dove has one of the best examples of a great digital marketing strategy. Her “Real Beauty Campaign” reflects her remarkable skills. It showed a sketch artist creating two sketches, one how a woman saw herself and the other how others saw her.

The result was that it was much more enjoyable how others saw her than how they saw themselves. This brought out her beautiful message: “You are more beautiful than you think.”

It was a thought-provoking and powerful message that crosses borders and unites women worldwide. This is what makes Dove digital marketing strategies so effective because it makes you feel.

Digital Marketing Dove

9. Tesla

Digital Marketing Tesla

Tesla’s marketing strategy is focused on their social media and is very minimal. Though quite young compared to their competitors BMW, Chevrolet, etc., they have a massive Twitter following.

This is courtesy of their CEO Elon Musk who is very active on the platform and constantly posting updates and essentially using his personality to raise awareness and increase sales. Now that he’s the richest man in the world, it’s safe to say that it worked out wonderfully for her.

Elon Musk digital marketing

10. Asos

asos digital marketing

This British brand has made a name for itself with its digital marketing strategy and understanding of its target audience – Millennials. Now that almost all millennials are using social media, they have decided to use it to their advantage.

One of their most popular campaigns, #AsSeenOnMe, was a huge hit as it wowed younger audiences. Asos’ social media marketing strategy has become one of its most successful campaigns. They relied on UGC (User Generated Content) when they asked their followers to share posts with ASOS and use the hashtag.

There are currently more than 1.14 million posts on Instagram with the hashtag #AsSeenOnMe. It shows that you can also use UGC to effectively market your product. This can be very helpful, especially for small businesses.

The technique is used these days, but the example from ASOS is one of the most successful and has set a great precedent.

digital marketing asos


These are just a few examples of how creative you can get with your digital marketing strategy. We can’t guarantee these will work for you if you choose to do something like this, but we can tell you one thing.

You put in the research and hours, and develop the best digital marketing strategy that fits your brand, voice and product. It will work. However, make sure to keep working until you get it right and start again as users will need new content all the time.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz