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The 21 Most Profitable Niches for Beginners in 2021


Blogging as a profession has grown significantly in recent years. But like any other profession, there are many questions that aspiring bloggers have, and the most important one is: What niche should be pursued in order to be successful? In this article, we systematically clear up all of your doubts, including which niches are most profitable.

What is blogging?

A blog refers to websites that provide information in the digital space. Most of the time, blogs are written in informal language to clarify the point the blogger is trying to explain.

Blogging, therefore, refers to keeping an online journal or informational website that people have to go through and the entries are displayed with the most recent on top.

What is a blog niche?

A blog niche is essentially the ongoing topic of your blog, or the topic that all of your content is about. You can get the answer to your blog niche by asking a simple question: What is your blog about?

This is of course a very important question for any aspiring blogger as it can make or break their blogging career. While just going with the flow and writing about what you like is an option, it is not a viable option in the long run.

This is because if you want to build your career in this field, you need to stick to a niche and establish yourself as an expert for an income. It also gives your readers a solid idea of ​​what to expect from you.

How do I choose a niche?

While finding your niche isn’t rocket science, it is a decision that an aspiring blogger must take very seriously. Focus on these three factors to simplify the process to some extent:

  • Your passion for the subject
  • Whether other people are also enthusiastic about this topic
  • If it can be pursued to generate income in the long term

While it’s easier said than done, you need to be sure that you are able to post one per month or how often you want to be. So at least 12 contributions per year. If you follow some bloggers, you will see how it becomes harder to stick to the schedule after a while.

As all options are slowly exhausted, it takes longer for new content to be created. Because of this, choosing the right blog niche is extremely important and not a decision that should be taken lightly. Make sure you do as much research as possible before choosing one.

21 most profitable niches

Below is a list of the 12 most-visited and profitable blog niches that are great for beginners:

1. Writing

This can include tips on how to write content, edit text, and also how to better articulate your thoughts.

2. Travel

These are especially popular as people love travel stories and you can describe and paste pictures of various tourist attractions and add your suggestions, etc.

3.DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

DIYs make people’s lives easier and that’s why this is another popular choice. From assembling furniture to maintaining your garden to anything and everything, there are countless topics to choose from.

4. Photography

Tips for beginners on how to find the perfect angle, timing, setup, etc, and even advanced techniques, there is a lot to discover in this niche.

5. Lifestyle

Lifestyle blogging is a reflection of the blogger, ie his interests and hobbies as well as his everyday life.

6. Food and recipes

People are always on the lookout for the perfect recipe for their favorite dishes, along with food reviews and introduction to new cuisines are other opportunities to explore.

7. Parenthood

Many first parents, and even those who already have a couple, turn to the internet for advice. Such blogs are to their advantage.

8. Fashion

This niche will always be in vogue as it is an ever evolving concept and people like to keep up to date.

9. Fitness

These type of blogs offer readers the best advice, tips, and tricks to get in better shape.

10. Personal finance

This niche focuses on figuring out how to deal with your finances – how to save more, get out of debt, etc.

11. Small Business Marketing

Some of the topics covered in this niche are starting a small business from scratch, increasing sales, and generating brand awareness.

12. Search engine optimization

These blogs will teach readers how to use SEO to increase organic traffic. Off-page SEO, on-page, and other ways websites can use SEO to improve their rankings.

13. Personal development

This niche gives people encouragement and motivation on how to improve themselves every day to make their lives better and other related topics.

14. Career development and job search

Due to the pandemic, the search for such blogs, which help people find jobs and advance their careers, has skyrocketed and they are in great demand.

15. Entrepreneurship

This niche encompasses topics such as business growth, leadership skills, managing money and tracking the trends of different industries, etc.

16. Side hustling

These blogs discuss various options popular with people in their teenage or twenties, along with regular jobs or a full-time college / school for extra income.

17. Invest

The stock market is not easy to decipher, and this is why bloggers who can properly interpret the trends in the stock market are always in demand.

18. Natural life

This niche offers information on practical and science-based content. It essentially focuses on all of the good things nature gives to improve the quality of life.

19. Sustainability

Such blogs discuss the ways in which citizens can make environmentally friendly decisions, e.g. B. ethical fashion, sustainable living, organic food, etc.

20. Empowerment of women

Such blogs are about improving the status of women in society and helping them reach their true potential and other such content.

21. Coding

This niche gives would-be or established programmers helpful tips on how to improve their game, introduce them to new technologies, etc.


If you are thinking about becoming a blogger, which you most likely have been since reading it, you know that a significant portion of your energy and time will be devoted to blogging.

It becomes all the more important that you make the right choice as you are investing so much in this project. So research and learn as much as you can before making this decision.

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Jeffrey Rabinowitz