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The most influential digital marketers in India


One of the most iconic and promising areas of our time, digital marketing, has seen its fair share of the most successful female digital marketers in India. All over the world women are doing an incredible job in this arena and are recognized for it. Who would even believe that there is something that women cannot do that is great?

In this Women’s Month we celebrate all of the wonderful women out there who strive every day to establish themselves and build each other up. Digital marketing depends to a large extent on how good your communication skills are, and as we all know, women are great communicators. They know exactly how to get their arguments across and so marketing online has been very worthwhile for anyone who ventured into the field.

To celebrate the achievements of the most influential digital marketers in India, we’ve compiled a list so you can get to know them better:

Ankita Gaba

Ankita gaba, India’s most influential digital marketer and social media specialist who has developed various successful strategies for celebrities, brands and companies, is Vice President of Marketing at Orowealth.

As an MBA in Marketing, she is the founder of Social Samosa, Chai Biscuit, and Get Evangelized. It’s a brand of its own and has also been hailed by the world’s top 100 social media agencies and consultants for 2012-13.

Twitter: @ankitagaba

Priya Florence Shah

Priya Florence Shah Digital Marketing Indian Women

Priya, founder and CEO of Blog Brandz, a digital agency in Pune, is a great example of a successful Indian woman in digital marketing.

Although she doesn’t have a primary school degree in marketing, she still managed to teach herself through her drive and passion for the field. However, she later studied various courses in digital marketing and advertising and is also a great writer.

From biotechnology to digital marketing, her journey has been fascinating and motivates all the women out there to keep chasing their dreams.

Twitter: @PriyaFlorence

Kashmira Talati

Indian women digital marketer

Kashmira is an expert who attracts the interest of women of all ages and is an amazing Indian woman in digital marketing. She is the Senior VP at Jack in the Box and the Personal Care Director at Givaudan.

Her years of experience in branding and advertising has established her in this field and helped her to receive the 40 under 40 award from the Social Samosa.

Her diverse projects have inspired many out there and some of them have been with companies like Lakme, Filmfare, Zee Network etc. As a social media butterfly, she is very active in her various profiles.

LinkedIn: kashmiratalati

Malini Agarwal

Indian women digital marketer

How will this list ever be complete without MissMalini? Malini is one of the most popular celebrity bloggers and one of the most successful digital marketers in India.

She started her journey as a DJ for a radio show as she had a deep passion for media. Her skills and lively manner got her an audience pretty quickly.

She later worked for Channel V as head of digital marketing, and soon after that, in 2008, she started her blog MissMalini. Her well thought-out strategies helped her stand out from the TV industry and establish her name.

Her opinion on celebrities and their lifestyle is actively sought out from her followers, and she also has guest-anchored TV shows like Tech Toys from CNN IBN. Malini has been a source of inspiration for many young girls to ruthlessly follow their passions until they make it.

Twitter: @ Maliniagarwal

Nidhi singh

successful-Indian-women-digital marketer

Nidhi Singh, a successful digital marketer in India, owes the famous writer her rise to the Quora platform, which enabled her to showcase her literary talents.

She has a penchant for writing about the digital marketing sector and is also a social media influencer. Over 65,000 followers hold on to every word.

After writing for influential magazines like HuffPost, Inc and others, she has always followed up on what she wants. Nidhi is the head of the marketing communications team at Edupristine, a leading training company. She has an MBA with over seven years of experience in online marketing.

Twitter: @nidhisinghindia

Lisha Batta

Indian women digital marketer

Lisha is a shining example of digital-brained beauty and is known for her skills as a beauty and lifestyle blogger.

Her YouTube channel has grown steadily and inspires her numerous followers to do what they love.

As a full time blogger for women of fashion in India, her love for her work is reflected in all of the great content she publishes there. This is also the reason why she has achieved a lot in just a few years after starting her blog. She was also part of an event for Vivel Skin Love along with Kareena Kapoor Khan.

Twitter: @ LishaBatta

Netra parekh

Indian women digital marketer

Not only is she a great digital marketer for women, but she’s also an entrepreneur, which makes her all the more impressive. co-founder enjoys the best of both worlds, which she worked very hard for, and is extremely ambitious. She co-founded this organization to support grassroots entrepreneurship and startups.

To spread a booming entrepreneurial ecosystem in India, she has also launched several social campaigns including Startup Saturday and Headstart Higher.

Twitter: @ Netra

Sneh Sharma

Indian women digital marketer

One of the most amazing Indian women in digital marketing, Sneh was hailed for founding the first digital media agency for women in the country and is also the CEO of Ittisa.

It’s great for teens as it allows them to explore digital media. They develop advertising and ORM-based digital marketing strategies for their global clients.

Through her hard work and dedication, she has built herself and her company from scratch and deserves everything she has achieved and much more.

Twitter: @onlinesneh


All of these and so many more outstanding women who are now experts in their various fields in digital marketing started somewhere believing that it was about both the journey and the destination.

We celebrate them today and look forward to adding more names to this list. The work women do in digital marketing is pretty spectacular and over the years they only outperform themselves and inspire endless people out there.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz