These innovative campaigns and execs delivered results and accountability when it really mattered


Last year has been an exciting year for performance marketers, partly because they have been hyped about what terrified so many professionals during the pandemic: accountability. Measurable results showed that their ideas worked and worked well. So there may not be a better year for the Adweek Performance Marketing Awards to debut than 2021. These 24 award winners represent a discipline that rewards tracking customer journeys in clicks, leads, and sales. Performance marketing gained prominence long before the pandemic overturned “the way we always have” organizational mindsets. However, when widespread bans forced many people to work from home, changes in the marketing model escalated. From lead-generating webinars hosted on a platform that catapulted to fame in 2020, to deliveries from United States postal services displayed via email – these campaigns delivered the accountability and creativity demanded by businesses that the industry celebrates with results-oriented, targeted marketing that stands out from the crowd.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz