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Top 20 Websites Offering Guest Blogging Opportunities


In this endless digital space, there are numerous ways in which you can stand out and one such way is to start guest posting. If you are someone who has started a blog but for some reason, it’s not being received as well as you’d hoped for, guest posting or blogging can really change the game for you. 

What is Guest Blogging? 

Guest blogging is a type of content marketing as well as SEO technique that can help the blogger to promote their content on already established websites. This helps them in expanding their reader base and promote their brand. 

To start off, the first thing that you should know about the world of guest blogging is that it’s not exactly easy to get into. All the established bloggers are overwhelmed with pitches every single day and even getting your pitch across to them is a big task.

But there is a way around this. It involves a lot of work behind the scenes, and hard work. If you’re a newcomer and the blogger you’re trying to catch the eye of so that your work gets published has no idea about who you are, the probability of your work getting published is pretty slim.

So what you can do is follow them on their different social media profiles, comment on their posts, and try to establish some sort of communication so that you come under their radar. You need to get noticed before actually getting noticed. 

How to Get Started with a Guest Blog? 

Tips to get started in guest posting

The primary steps involved in the guest blogging process have been described briefly below:

Set Goals 

Have definite goals. This means that you should know what your exact goals are that you wish to achieve after guest posting. These could be – increasing brand awareness, introducing new products/services, boosting SEO, and so on.  

Find Guest Posting Opportunities 

There are few ways to do this. You can either look for sites that are frequented by your target audience, find sites that are similar to your ideal sites or you post where your competitors are posting. 

Pick Feasible Guest Posting Sites 

After you have a list of potential sites, you need to narrow and pick the ones that suit your goals and are easy to get into. 

Work on Topics 

After deciding on the sites, you need to start working on developing ideas for your blog. Come up with ideas that’ll help you in achieving the goals that you have set for yourself but at the same time entertain your audience as well. 

Put together a Great Pitch 

Before the publishing part, comes the part where you need to convince the other person that your work is worth posting on their website. To do this, you need to write a compelling pitch that highlights what your article is all about, and gets the attention of the publisher. 

Write a Publishing-Worthy Article 

This goes without saying, once your pitch is approved, write an amazing article and make sure that you dot all your ‘i’s and cross your ‘t’s (figuratively, of course). 

Check Up on Your Work 

After you submit your article, your work isn’t done. You need to stay in touch with the publisher and help them in managing as well as promoting your content. This will help you in building a good working relationship with them that will help you in the future as well.

Monitor Your Results 

You can track how your work is faring with the audience using several metrics such as the amount of traffic the article is getting, new website visitors, amount of social shares and comments, and so on.  

Benefits of Guest Posting 

Some of the primary benefits of guest blogging are:

  • Helps you in networking and building relationships with people in your niche

  • Improves brand awareness as well as rankings

  • Writing skills get better

  • Build your authority in the digital space

Things to check about a guest blog website


Top 20 Guest Blogging Websites for Digital Marketing 

The foremost websites that one can use to guest post blogs or articles related to digital marketing have been given below:

Top 20 Guest Blogging Websites in 2021


1. Mashable 

Established in 2005 and popular with bloggers as well as users of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, Mashable is among the top sources for all news related to social and digital media, technology, and the webspace. 

It is an excellent space for writers who are looking for an audience that is full of social media enthusiasts, brands and corporations, marketing agencies, and so on. To submit your blog on this site, click here. 

Subjects: Technology, Business, Entertainment, Social Media
Organic Traffic: 6.4M
Domain Authority: 93
Alexa Rank (global): 1427
Backlinks: 37M

2. Hubspot 

Hubspot is a widely popular platform that allows people to guest blog from all over the world. Their blogs fall under four categories – Marketing, Sales, Service, and Website.

Each of these categories has its own specific set of guidelines that need to be followed. To find out what they are, click here.

Subjects: Marketing
Organic Traffic: 1.2M
Domain Authority: 92
Alexa Rank (global): 711 
Backlinks: 289M

3. GetResponse 

For all the bloggers out there looking for an active audience, who have a taste for writing about unique things and sharing their insights, this is the platform for you. The content they publish is usually 1.3k words or more. 

It should be 100% original and unpublished and there is a wide list of topics that you can cover. However, they also have certain topics that they don’t publish and all these details can be checked out here.

Subjects: Productivity, Automation, Marketing
Organic Traffic: 100K
Domain Authority: 81
Alexa Rank (global): 3836

4. Social Media Examiner

Always on the search for new writers but very selective about the ones they do select to write for their site, Social Media Examiner is very focused on publishing content that caters to the social media and creator content domain.

They have very specific terms about what they do and don’t publish and this list and other details about the application process can be checked out here. 

Subjects: Social Media
Organic Traffic: 9,47,043
Domain Authority: 77 
Alexa Rank: 10,577
Backlinks: 22M

5. Content Marketing Institute 

With their mission of ‘advancing the practice of content marketing’ firmly in mind, the platform has a vast audience that consists of professionals in the field and great B2B and B2C organizations. 

They root for content that is fresh as well as relevant and written in an engaging manner. For other guidelines put up by the platform for bloggers who wish to publish their content, click here.

Subjects: Content Marketing 
Organic Traffic: 510K
Domain Authority: 77
Alexa Rank: 8068
Backlinks: 1.5M

6. Creative Bloq 

The platform is always searching for talented writers that can become a part of their excellent network of contributors. You could be a great writer or digital artist (such as graphic designer, illustrator, etc.) who is willing to share their knowledge, everyone is welcome.

For bloggers who are looking to get published here, you’ll have to send them an email that describes your interests and skill set along with some examples of your previous work. For more information, click here. 

Subjects: Blogging, Web Design
Organic Traffic: 10M
Domain Authority: 87
Alexa Rank: 5015
Backlinks: 7.8M

7. Thesitegirls

The platform goes one step ahead. It focuses on not just great written content but also visuals. They encourage their boggers to come up with the type of content that is visually appealing as well. 

Further, bloggers also get to use their social media platforms such as their Facebook page or Twitter feed to amplify their content. They have to follow a certain set of guidelines, and if all is good, they can get their content published.

Subjects: Social Media, Blogging
Organic Traffic: 10K
Domain Authority: 65
Alexa Rank: 1,06,622
Backlinks: 1.4M

8. CoSchedule 

Since they get an endless amount of pitches which naturally makes it very hard for them to choose their favorites, they have laid out a couple of rules that the bloggers can use to stay out of their discarded pile.

Topics that have been previously covered or content that has been pre-written and doesn’t seem fresh are not picked up by them. For more points that need to be kept in mind before submitting your pitch to them, visit this page. 

Subjects: Blogging, Social Media, Content Marketing
Organic Traffic: 718K
Domain Authority: 64
Alexa Rank: 5403
Backlinks: 657K

9. Shout Me Loud 

One of the most popular platforms in the blogging and online marketing niches, it was founded as early as 2008. Their purpose is to help bloggers reach new audiences and expand their reader base.

There are certain tips that need to be followed, for all those who want to become a ShoutMeLoud contributor. Make sure that you read through them carefully.

Subjects: Marketing, SEO
Organic Traffic: 254K
Domain Authority: 68
Alexa Rank: 16,620
Backlinks: 1.1M

10. Pole Position Marketing

This platform gives occasional opportunities to all guest bloggers and does so only if it enhances their in-house expertise. Very particular about the writers they choose, owing to their high standards, their audience is subsequently very particular as well.

When submitting your article or blog to them, you need to keep in mind a few things. Make sure to follow their instructions to the T. 

Subjects: Analytics, SEO, Digital Marketing, Web Design
Organic Traffic: 1.1K
Domain Authority: 47
Alexa Rank: 1,44,344
Backlinks: 1.1M

11. Inc 42 

Inc42 is a popular platform that allows guest bloggers to write about any particular domain or industry that falls under the startup ecosystem. It can be written in the form of listicles, or in a manner that provides meaningful insights to entrepreneurs, and so on. 

They have very fixed writing formats that the bloggers can write about and you’ll therefore need to go over their guidelines thoroughly.

Subjects: Marketing, Blogging
Organic Traffic: 491K
Domain Authority: 76 
Alexa Rank (global): 7379
Backlinks: 1.9M 

12. MarketingProfs

While the publication queue for this website can be up to 3-4 months long, they try to keep their backlog to a minimum and only publish pieces that are relevant and would provide some value to their audience.

They are highly selective as well and have a well-defined list that includes the various topics that they cover and how exactly to go about it. 

Subject: Marketing
Organic Traffic: 41K
Domain Authority: 74
Alexa Rank (global): 16080
Backlinks: 1M

13. Benchmark

Writing for Benchmark Email is something that many bloggers that write for their particular domain aspire to do. Their content tone is pretty serious and they’re very specific about the quality of content they put out there.

They generally publish blogs that are 400-700 words long and display the expertise of the writer. They could be a one-time or recurring writer for the website, depending on the content. To read their guidelines, click here.

Subjects: Marketing, SEO, Social Media
Organic Traffic: 93K
Domain Authority: 65
Alexa Rank (global): 6013
Backlinks: 6.2M

14. OutBrain

A popular go-to platform for digital marketers across the globe, they are very strict about the content they upload as they don’t want to disappoint their audience.

Their guidelines are pretty easy to follow but you need to go over them all the same, just in case. Make sure that you apply them all before sending in your blog. 

Subjects: Blogging, Marketing
Organic Traffic: 95K
Domain Authority: 84
Alexa Rank (global): 441
Backlinks: 4.4M

15. B2Bmarketing

They encourage all bloggers, no matter their experience, and join their ever-growing community of writers. Since they can’t exactly give all the bloggers individual feedback owing to the large number of applicants, certain guidelines need to be followed.

As suggested by the name, the content needs to be fully B2B focused with practical tips and necessary examples wherever required. The content also needs to be written in a manner that is easy to understand.

Subjects: Blogging, Marketing
Organic Traffic: 59K
Domain Authority: 66
Alexa Rank (global): 51262
Backlinks: 373K

16. Mailjet 

A platform that celebrates everything about emails, their main aim is to educate their senders about the best practices of the field. They truly believe that the ‘age of emails’ is far from over and propagate its usage to the fullest.

They highly appreciate new submissions related to the field of emails, their usage in marketing, and essentially everything related to emails. To understand their process better, click here. 

Subjects: Email Marketing 
Organic Traffic: 42K
Domain Authority: 64
Alexa Rank (Global): 6105
Backlinks: 641K

17. Famous Bloggers 

Famous Bloggers is all about giving an opportunity to all bloggers out there to get their work published and get a much better exposure. The platform believes that guest posting is an extremely impactful way by which bloggers can expand the knowledge of their audience.

Bloggers have to register and then follow several other steps that have been listed on their page. Go over there and make sure to follow each one and get yourself published.

Subjects: SEO, Social Media, Blogging
Organic Traffic: 424
Domain Authority: 47
Alexa Rank (global): 98,156
Backlinks: 42,975

18. Hellbound Bloggers

A constantly growing tech and web blog community, HellBound Bloggers was established in 2009. They cover topics such as blogging, social media, product reviews, and so on.

But their topic list keeps seeing a few changes here and there. Make sure to visit their website and see the various guidelines that you’ll need to follow. 

Subjects: Social Media, Blogging, Technology
Organic Traffic: 5,137
Domain Authority: 44
Alexa Rank (global): 59,476
Backlinks: 34,350

19. Making Different 

For all the bloggers who are just starting and trying to create a name for themselves, this is the platform for you. They have no limitations or set of topics that you need to choose from.

You could write a technical, non-technical, formal, or informal blog, it’s all up to you. The only thing that you need to keep in mind is that the content should be fresh and they will support your work fully. Go over to their page, and apply now. 

Subject: Technology, Blogging
Organic Traffic: 5.3K
Domain Authority: 45
Alexa Rank (global): 229,427
Backlinks: 414K

20. Growmap 

Off late, the platform has become very strict about its guest posting services. They do not want bloggers to send them Google Docs or emails but have a very specific procedure that needs to be followed.

Even though they have become very strict, the exposure that you get from getting published on this platform is worth it. So make sure to follow all the guidelines and get your work published.

Subjects: SEO, Marketing
Organic Traffic: 1.9K
Domain Authority: 48
Alexa Rank (global): 57662
Backlinks: 55K


When it comes to guest blogging, along with the content, where you are posting the content matters as well. When it comes to digital marketing, the sites listed above are some of the best ones out there to guest post in. Make sure that you do your research, shortlist your preferred sites, and start pitching. 

If you want more such listicles, don’t forget to check out Digital Ready’s Blog section. Further, also go over the various digital marketing courses that we offer and take your first step towards becoming a digital marketer.  


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