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Top Free SEO Tools [2021]


With the rise of digital marketing, the SEO tools that help with search engine optimization have increased. As the number of free SEO tools available increases, so does the confusion about which to choose. But don’t worry, we’ve rounded up the best free SEO tools for you here.

What are SEO Tools?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools help websites rank higher on Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) and optimize the content by working on various factors like keywords, backlinks, website speed, mobile SEO, etc.

In addition to analyzing keywords and backlinks, these free top SEO tools also offer insights into SEO competition in the digital sector. SEO tools therefore determine the likelihood that websites will get a high ranking on SERPs.

Why Do You Need SEO Tools?

With the help of these top free SEO tools, you can answer many important questions such as:

  • Number of visits in a day
  • How is web traffic doing? Does it rise or fall and by how much?
  • Number of links your content has
  • What are the HTML errors on your page, if any?
  • Which keywords should you use based on your content?

These are just some examples. To give you a clearer understanding, the following are some factors that these top free SEO tools analyze in order to improve a website’s web presence:

Keywords: The SEO tools will help you find the keywords that best fit the content of your website and monitor the keywords used by your competitors.
Content: Keywords need to be included not only in the content but also in titles and meta descriptions, as this is essential for search engine optimization. In addition to keyword placement, it is important that your content is unique and interesting so that it will appear among the top results.
Backlinks: These are external factors that add traction to your website and are important when it comes to improving search engine rankings.
Traffic: The influx of visitors to your website or even their behavior once they are on your website are tracked by these tools. It will help you improve user engagement and thus get better ranking.

Top Free SEO Tools of 2021

Here is a list of the best free SEO tools based on various factors:

Analytics – Google Search Console

Anyone who has a website can access it for free. The search console helps you understand what works for Google and its users so you can optimize your website accordingly. You can perform much better and rank higher on SERPs with this best free SEO tool.

Get it: Google Search Console

Crawling / Indexing – Screaming Frog

top free seo tool screaming frog

Among the top desktop crawlers, Screaming Frog is one of the best free SEO tools that has so much to offer. It’s an advanced audit tool that can be used to crawl websites both large and small. This will help you save a lot of time as it is very tedious to flip through each page and if done manually, there is a good chance of missing issues like duplicate pages, meta-update, etc.

Get it: Screaming Frog

Local Search Engine Optimization – Google My Business

Top Free SEO Tools google my business

Hands down, this is the number one free SEO tool for local SEO, especially if you are targeting the market with Google. A credit from Google was found to increase the likelihood of visitors visiting your store by 38%. They are also 29% more likely to buy something. People trust online referrals as much as they do in person as it is part of the research they do before buying.

Get it: Google My Business

Backlink Checker – Ahrefs

top free sseo tools ahrefs backlink checker

Ahrefs is the best free backlink checker SEO tool and this is a gem that many are unaware of. Although there is a limit to the number of verifications you can do for the unpaid version, it is not a problem for the paid version. The number limit can still be helpful for those working on a tight SEO budget and just needing to do some quick link checks.

Get it: Ahrefs

Mobile SEO – Mobile Friendly Test

top free seo tools mobile seo

Mobile Friendly Test for Mobile SEO is one of the best free SEO tools. This is the ultimate test of whether or not Google thinks your website is mobile-friendly. If it passes the test, Google thinks it is cell phone safe, which can help improve your rankings as it is one of the determining factors, even if it is a small one. And if it fails the test, it lists the areas that need to be worked on.

Get it: Mobile Friendly Test

SiteSpeed ​​- PageSpeed ​​Insights

Top Free SEO Tools Page Speed ​​Insights

This is a google tool for SEO that has an important metric called field data. The metrics compiled by the Chrome User Experience Report are used to assess how a given page is doing with users around the world. Besides the fact that page speed is a direct ranking factor, it becomes even more important to monitor and improve it.

Get it: Page Speed ​​Insights

WordPress – Yoast SEO

top free seo tools yoast seo

Yoast SEO is one of the most widely used tools based on the number of times websites have installed it (over 30 million times). It’s the best free SEO tool that is the most innovative and effective option out there. It will help you optimize all of your WordPress sites and increase their visibility.

Get it: Yoast SEO

Research – BuzzSumo

Top Free SEO Tools Buzz Sumo

BuzzSumo helps you monitor your and your competitors’ content performance. This top free SEO tool will help you gauge what content is working based on the sharing and format in which users consume content. In addition, you can also analyze the type of content and format used by your competitors to make changes to your work accordingly.

Get it: Buzzsumo

Keyword Research –

top free seo tools keyword tool io

This has been considered one of the best free keyword research tools out there. Be it short-term or long-term keywords, or anything in between, it sums up all the trends and delivers the best results. The only thing that makes it so good is how easy it is to use. This instantly increases effectiveness as simple keyword research tools are hard to find.

Get it: Keyword Tool

Multiple tool

Small SEO tools

top free seo tools small seo tools

With 100+ SEO tools, this top free SEO tool has a tool for every SEO need that is a goldmine. Since each tool is assigned a specific task, the term “small” is used. What makes it so great is that in addition to the basic tools like backlinks and keywords, there are also some rare tools like PDF tools, proxy tools, etc.

Get it: Small SEO Tools

SE ranking

Top Free SEO Tools Se Ranking

Contrary to what many believe, in addition to being a great keyword tracking tool, it has various additional tools to help with other tasks such as: In reporting, website tracking, PPC research, etc. Due to its wide range of uses and efficiency, it is an essential and free SEO tool for all SEO professionals.

Get it: SE Ranking


What seemed like a complex phenomenon a few years ago is now becoming easier to understand as more such tools are developed to realize its potential. This list of the best free SEO tools in 2021 is possibly the most powerful weapon in your digital marketing arsenal when it comes to driving organic traffic. Make sure it’s good by choosing the right tools.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz