Toyota celebrates the entrance and household in Touching Vacation Spot


The often unsung heroes on the front lines of our national defense and our healthcare pandemic are honored in Toyota's 2020 vacation spots that evoke feelings of family and togetherness.

"Mailbox" finds a young girl who is making Christmas decorations and sealing them in envelopes. Her mother drives her to her mailbox, which is far enough from her mountain home to be able to drive a Toyota Highlander. As the seasons go by and Christmas approaches, her last mailing is attended by her posted father, who comes out from behind a snow-covered tree adorned with her handcrafted ornaments.

"Toyota is very interested in bringing people together for the holidays, and the issue of military homecoming has been a priority for Toyota for many years," said Jason Schragger, chief creative officer of Saatchi & Saatchi, the agency behind the ads. "It's a very simple story of a young girl who misses her posted father on vacation. So she does what children do, expresses her love for him through something creative and funny … to be close to him."

"Mailbox" follows Toyota's recently released Super Mom, in which a nurse shuttles between the hospital and takes her children to her grandmother's house while trying to create the perfect Christmas for them.

“It's important to cherish those tiny moments of togetherness, and it's the best year to see what's really important. We've been honored to show important workers and show that their sacrifices are their sacrifices of theirs Families feel, ”adds Schragger.

Both "Mailbox" and "Super Mom" ​​were directed by Ted Melfi. The spots continue the brand's linchpin for messaging to fight the pandemic and focus on the community.

To further support military families during the holidays, Toyota worked with the USO (United Service Organizations). Through the partnership, Toyota is encouraging military supporters to send a thank you message and encouragement to service members.

Like most marketers, Toyota shot its news earlier this year to reflect the reality of Covid-19. More recently, Saatchi & Saatchu New Zealand launched a campaign for Toyota that playfully celebrates the brand's role in the kiwi culture.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz