What had been the perfect advertising and marketing moments for 2020? Vote


It has certainly been a year of uncertainty with marketers having an ever-evolving list of barriers to navigation. When the Covid-19 pandemic set in in the spring, all realities of business and consumer behavior were changed, while sensitivity and empathy became more important than ever.

So which brands and agencies have found their way best in the unpredictable and choppy waters of 2020?

As we at Adweek build our list of the best ads of the year, we're excited to see which readers would pick you as the best marketing efforts of the year.

To add some structure (and maybe some well-deserved fun) to the process, we've created a bracketed tournament where your votes will determine which ads, campaigns, stunts, or savvy social responses deserve in the coming weeks Process to advance last round – with one to rule them all.

To vote, just make sure to follow Adweek on Twitter and Instagram. We post daily polls and links there so you can revisit each campaign or learn more about the campaigns you may have missed.

Here is the timeline for Adweek Readers' Choice Marketing Moments of the Year:

November 30th – December 3rd: Vote in round 1
December 4th to 6th: Vote in round 2
December 7th to 8th: Vote in round 3 (quarter-finals)
December 9th to 10th: Vote in round 4 (semi-finals)
December 11th to 13th: Vote in round 5 (final)
December 14th: The winner was announced on


Jeffrey Rabinowitz