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Nov 12

You must take into consideration many elements when trying to improve the performance of your website.

We have a tendency in both digital marketing and life to be focused on just one or two things while overlooking other important aspects.

To improve your SERP ranking, it takes more than just SEO. Your website must be well-designed or you will lose all your organic equity. SEO and site design are often confused.

They blend together so well that your visitors won't notice what you have done. Instead, they can simply start surfing through your website.

What are the elements of SEO and digital marketing company gilbert design that can be used together? These five examples show how they can be used together.

1. Compatibility with mobile devices

Even those with a basic understanding of web design or SEO should know the importance of mobile-friendly websites.

If you don't make the effort, you are already behind a few years.

The number of people who search on desktop computers has fallen over the years. However, mobile searches have steadily increased.

If your website is not mobile-friendly, you could be threatening half of your users. This is a huge problem. This is a huge problem. A website with a high bounce rate that doesn't load properly on a tablet or phone may send negative signals to Google and could affect your ranking.


You've likely spent a lot of time thinking about content if you have been trying to improve your SEO.

It is possible that some people don't realize the impact of a website's design on your content or how it is presented. Poor web design can make it difficult for users to understand what you have to offer.

Websites that are hard to read on any device, desktop, or mobile will be abandoned quickly. Web designers are skilled at creating websites that make it easy for customers to access your content. This ensures that you get the best bang for your buck.


Are you unsure of the reason your site loads slowly?

It could be related to your website design. Website speed is an important component of technical SEO. This is a problem for many websites. If your website isn't ranking well, it could be because customers are leaving quickly and your site is too slow.

Page speed is a well-known ranking signal. Spend time optimizing your images, removing unnecessary plugins, enabling browser cache, and so forth to speed up your website.

If your website takes more than three seconds to load it is likely that half of your visitors will leave. Mobile users have a shorter attention span and are more likely to abandon a site that is slower than they used to.

4. Sitemaps

Web design is a powerful tool for crawling your website. If you want search engines to crawl your site more intelligently, a sitemap is a must-have.

Search engines can use your sitemap to map all pages and information on your website. This allows you to inform search engines about the most important pages on your website. This is important for both larger sites and newer websites that don't yet have external links.

Sitemaps are not only helpful for search engines but also aid users in navigation. Sitemaps can be used by new visitors to your site to help them navigate. Sitemaps can also help you rank higher in search results by providing vital metadata about your pages.

5. How to build user confidence

Unlike other SEO variables, you can't assess the trustworthiness of your website or its users. However, trust is an important part of improving your website’s ranking.

It's obvious that people have a tendency to think quickly and can be difficult to change their minds after they have formed an idea.