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5 Strategies SEO and Web Design Go Together

Nov 18


In your quest to improve the efficiency of your site take into consideration that you need to consider several elements simultaneously.

In both the world of digital and traditional marketing, we have tendencies to focus on two or three important aspects while ignoring other things that are just as significant.

There is more to SEO than just making your website more visible in the SERPs. You must also ensure that your site's design is professional otherwise you could lose all the organic equity. A lot of people aren't aware of how SEO and site design collaborate.

Their components blend and flow together in such a way that, if done correctly your visitors on your website should not be able to tell what that you've accomplished; they will simply start browsing through your website.


So, what are the aspects of SEO and website designer mesa az design that can work together? Take a look at these five cases of examples on how they're used together.


1. Compatible with mobile devices

Anyone who has even a basic understanding of SEO or web design needs to be aware of the importance of making your website mobile-friendly.

In reality, if you aren't making the effort to make it happen it's already a few years in the wrong.

For a few years, the number of people searching on PCs on desktops has been falling as the number of users searching via mobile devices has been steadily increasing.


You may be at risk of alienating half of your users by not having a mobile-friendly site design. This is an enormous risk. An excessive bounce rate for a website caused by the site not loading correctly on a tablet or smartphone could send negative signals to Google, and your rankings could suffer as a result.



If you've been working on boosting your SEO, you've likely spent many hours thinking about the content.


People may not realize how much impact the design of a site has on the content you post, or how it is presented. Visitors may not be able to comprehend what they were brought to your site for because of poor web design. Any viewers you manage to attract to your website is practically erased by pages with texts in odd places, as well as too many hyperlinks that aren't serving a distinct function.


The majority of people will leave websites that aren't easy to browse on any device or computer, the same way they'll abandon sites in which they aren't compatible with smartphones. Web designers are able to create web pages that will make it simple for visitors to read your content. This ensures that you'll get the greatest bang for your buck.



Do you know what's causing your site to load so slow?


It's likely that it has something to do with your website design. One of the most significant factors of technical SEO is the speed of websites which is a huge defect that many websites have. It's possible that if you're not ranking well the reason is that your site is not fast enough and visitors are likely to leave soon.

Remember that page speed is a well-known ranking signal that is why it is important to optimize your images, remove unneeded plugins, enable browser caches, and so on to speed up your website.


When your site takes longer than three seconds to load, more than 50% of your customers will leave your site. For mobile devices, speedy page loading is even more critical because users are less willing to wait.


4. Sitemaps.

When it comes to crawling your website web design can help in many ways. A sitemap is an important component to have in place in order for search engines to browse your site more efficiently.


The sitemap is a search engine-friendly outline of all your site's pages and details. This allows you to inform search engines which pages on your website are most significant. For larger websites, as well as those that are newer which may not have external links, this is an important aspect to get properly.

Sitemaps don't just aid search engines but assist users to navigate. New visitors to your site can use the sitemap to help them find their way around. Sitemaps also contain important metadata about your websites, which can help them rank higher in search results.


5. Gaining Confidence of Users

You can't truly assess the amount of trust that people place in you or your website in contrast to other SEO elements. The process of building trust, on contrary, is essential to improve your website's rank.


There's no doubt that many people think quickly but it's difficult to alter their minds once they've formed them.

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