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What Is Local Search Marketing & Why Should You Use It?

Jan 10

Because 75% of people who do a local search go to a business within five miles, developing a local search marketing plan is more vital than ever. In this article, our local search marketing firm will explain local search.

You've most likely heard that a local search marketing plan is necessary.

That technique is more vital than ever, given that 75% of shoppers who do a local search visit a business within five miles.


What Is Local Search Marketing, Exactly?

Some marketers refer to it as local SEO, but we like to think of it as a more comprehensive approach to local marketing.

When clients seek for a company like yours, local search marketing is all about getting your business on the map in local searches.

Local search marketing is a kind of search engine optimization that aids local firms in appearing in relevant local searches, according to a more formal definition.

Making your company appear in the local pack so that customers can discover and pick you is an important component of local search marketing.


What Is The Process Of Using Local Search Marketing?

To establish a local search presence, you'll need to improve your web information so that search engines can locate your company when people are looking for it (and so that consumers can easily find all the information they need in order to choose your business).

You'll need to inform search engines all they need to know to offer yourself the greatest chance of appearing in relevant searches.

I'm not sure how you're going to pull it off. To ensure that search engines know what you do and where you are, provide correct and consistent NAPU (name, address, phone number, URL) to the most essential directories.

The search engine will be able to trust your company because of this constant information.

If your entries in those prominent directories, on the other hand, include false or contradictory information, the search engine will be unsure whether or not to trust your company.

This might affect your local search rating, meaning customers are less likely to discover you when looking for the items and services you provide.

Instead, they'll look for rivals. Ouch.

Local Search Marketing

Looking for a place to begin?

We recommend beginning with the fundamentals as a local search marketing firm. Appear at the following websites to see how they look for your company.

You'll need to build fresh profiles on such websites if your company is brand new. If you've been around for a long, you'll need to claim/verify these pages, then edit or finish the information.

  • Google My Business
  • Bing Places for Business


Because each of these websites may have a significant influence on your local search performance, ensure sure your information is accurate and consistent across the board.

Also, keep in mind that social media and Yelp often appear towards the top of organic search results.

Make sure your information is up to date on Facebook and Yelp in case a searcher skips over the local pack and goes directly to your Facebook or Yelp accounts.


Your Local Search Marketing Strategy: The Next Step

It's not enough to claim those pages.

Search engines such as Google and Bing don't automatically accept your information as gospel. Infogroup, Acxiom, Localeze, and Factual are the major sources of data they employ.

To make matters even more confusing, those four sources rely on hundreds of internet company directories for their information.

That implies that if your company's information is inconsistent across many directories, the search engine will be perplexed and won't know where or when to include your company in search results.


Select The Appropriate Classes

However, this is just a portion of the information that search engines need about your company. Correct classifications are also required.

Don't forget to include your company's suitable categories. And, if at all feasible, be explicit. When adding categories to Google My Business, for example, "restaurant" is too broad. You should describe the sort of restaurant you own and operate.

Use the "pizza delivery" category if you operate a pizza delivery service so that Google knows to include your business in "pizza delivery" results when nearby customers are searching.

To ensure that the search engine understands precisely what you do, you must be explicit. This will aid in the visibility of your company in relevant searches!

You should also utilize as few categories as possible, according to Google's recommendations.


How To Perform A Local Search Ranking Audit

  • Delete the history and cache from your browser.
  • Go to or in a private browser tab.
  • Look up your field and location (example: pizza Columbus Ohio). Is your company included in the search engine results? If yes, did you locate your company at the top or did you have to click "see more" and go down to the bottom?
  • Look up your company's name, address, and phone number in a search engine (example: RevLocal Granville Ohio).
  • Go through the directories and make a list of what you're looking for. Make a claim for your NAPU, fill it out, and/or make changes to it. Some directories are available for free, while others require a fee.

Consumers, on the other hand, like to communicate with firms via integrated marketing.

So, after you've mastered controlling your local search presence, you'll need to increase customer reviews, expand your social media presence, and employ paid advertising to expand your market.

This all-in-one strategy will put your local company on the map and help you attract more clients!


Where Can I Find a Reliable Local Search Marketing Firm?

Don't have the time to do your own local SEO? It's all right. The majority of business owners find it difficult to manage their company while also managing their web marketing.

Keep these considerations in mind while shopping for a local search marketing firm:

  • Stay away from companies who offer outrageous claims. They won't be able to propel you to the top of Google in a single day. Avoid such businesses at all costs.
  • Allow no one to make you afraid. If you get a call from a firm pretending to represent Google and threatening to delete your listings unless you pay, you've been scammed.
  • Look outside software to find the solution. A committed individual or team will work on your marketing for any reputable local search marketing firm. Don't settle for software; having a person on your team to monitor algorithm upgrades and design new tactics or campaigns is invaluable.
  • Don't sign a one-year contract. It's the year 2022, and we've arrived at a turning point in Get rid of your contracts and hire a local search marketing firm that can show you month after month how hard they are working to boost your web visibility.