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Factory Direct Furniture has many benefits

Aug 6

Factory Direct Furniture offers a variety of benefits

The advantages of purchasing furniture from factories direct outlets are many. Apart from the fact that you can save a lot of dollars, you could also work for a family-owned business and deal with wholesalers. It is essential to be informed about the furniture you purchase. Let's look at some of the main benefits of furniture manufactured by factories. If you're not yet convinced, read on to find out more about them.

Family-owned business with a family name

A third-generation family-owned furniture retailer has opened a new location in Lafayette Parish, Louisiana. Established by the Comeaux Family after their former store, the Comeaux's Appliance Center and Furniture Mart, closed in the early 1990s. American Factory Direct Furniture is a family-owned business that has been in operation for three generations with five stores across Louisiana and one in Mississippi. The company guarantees of 60 days to price match and is committed to providing high-quality items at affordable prices.

The company provides online and in-store shopping. They also offer delivery and will gladly assist you in moving your furniture. Since the company has been operating for decades their staff is warm and accommodating and are willing to help with any questions. The company is known for being a local family-owned business, and customers can be confident that they'll receive the finest quality products and services. The prices offered by Factory Direct Furniture are unbeatable. The company's slogan, "Quality Value and Service", is a key concept.

Money Savings

If you're looking for an updated couch or bedroom set, saving money by using Factory Direct Furniture might be right for you. This type of furniture is sold directly to consumers without the need for retailers. It is also possible to customize the furniture you buy! It's never been easier to save money on high-quality furniture! These are only a few of the many benefits offered by Factory Direct Furniture. The quality is unsurpassed and the price is even better.

You will save money by buying second-hand furniture. Second-quality furniture typically has a minor defect that is almost impossible to spot. There could be a misaligned or unevenly carved upholstery pattern on chair legs, or visible seams in the back of a sofa. These issues can save buyers thousands of dollars. It's always wise to look at the costs of different furniture stores prior to making a final decision.


Factory Direct Furniture is a great option if you're looking for a stylish and durable furniture to set up your business. Factory Direct Furniture is sold directly to the customer and avoids retailers. This is particularly beneficial for hotels that require stylish furniture at an affordable price. Additionally, you could have the option to customize the furniture to meet your business' needs. Hence, the cost of buying Factory Direct Furniture is significantly lower than working with traditional retailers.

If you're on a limited budget for furniture you can select second-class furniture that is factory direct to increase your furniture budget. Some second-hand furniture may be a little faulty and difficult to identify. The upholstery design may not be exactly as it should be or the carvings on chairs legs could be a little off and there may be an obvious seam in the back of a sofa. These imperfections don't affect the furniture's quality, but can lead to substantial savings for the customer.

A wholesaler is a person who deals with wholesalers.

Retail furniture stores take 50% commission from the price of the piece. To cover their costs they mark up the cost which can cause it to be extremely costly. You can cut down on shipping costs and increase customer loyalty by eliminating the middleman. However, most retail furniture stores don't offer shipping services, and the charges can be quite high. That's why buying your furniture from a wholesaler is the best choice.

Wholesalers can help you beat out big furniture firms. You could offer your customers discounts on prices and a large selection of products. But, you must select the items carefully depending on the market you intend to target. If you're selling to the general public You can request for them to contact your when the item they've bought goes on sale. The commission is typically paid to employees.

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