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5 Commonly Missed Areas in Your Home for Insulation

Aug 11

Are your walls frozen, or are you struggling to keep up with increasing energy prices? It could be that insulation is not working in your home. Don't assume that your ceiling, attic, and walls are well-insulated, no matter the age or condition of your home.


Which part of the house most needs insulation?


The insulation Richmond VA a home's convenience and energy bills could be greatly improved by simple repairs like fixing draughty doors and attics, sealing them, weatherstripping as well as installing insulation. Locating the areas of your house that aren't insulated is the most critical step.

Attic Insulation is only thin.

What is the R-factor of the insulation in the attic floor? It might be surprising to find out how little insulation your attic has to stop the heat from leaving. The R-value of insulation is influenced by the type and the thickness of the insulation. If your insulation is older isn't as effective as newer insulation.


If you have any doubts regarding the insulation of your attic, contact a contractor for insulation in your home. Because furnace heat rises, it is critical to ensure that the attic is properly insulated.

Attic insulation near exterior walls is not there.

Check the borders of the attic, where the walls of the exterior meet the roof. You'll be amazed at the number of homes built without adequate insulation in these places. The attic can quickly become a hot spot If there's a hole in the area.

If your roof's top hangs have not been adequately insulated, this attic space will get colder. The heat from your furnace causes snow to gather on your roof, and it melts. It then freezes again when it meets the cold attic boundaries. Massive ice dams form as a result and can be extremely damaging to your roof. The efficiency of your home's energy use will increase, and ice dams can be prevented if install insulation Richmond VA, to these areas.


The wall insulation is not enough or absent.

Your walls may be chilly. It's possible that the walls aren't adequately insulated. Installing insulation on your walls can help you reduce your utility costs. Environmentally friendly insulation is an ideal choice. Our insulation Richmond VA contractors blow cellulose insulation in ceilings, walls, and attic spaces. This is a great option for anyone who is concerned about the environment.

Walls aren't properly insulated around outlets and switches

A few small cracks in your home could allow warm air from your furnace to escape. While it might seem like a minor issue, outlets and switches can be a source of heat loss when they're not properly insulated.


When installing electrical outlets and switches, it's not uncommon for the electrical box to be left open. Unscrew the wall plate and look at the insulation between the electrical box and the wall cavity to see how much is missing. The insulation around electrical boxes can help to keep your home warm.

Garage insulation is not adequate.

The majority of garage walls have not been built with insulation or are drywalled. Your garage has no insulation in the event that you see naked studs or exposed rafters. Insulating your garage walls correctly can make your home more energy efficient and improve the quality of the air inside.


A garage that is not equipped with good insulation Richmond VA installation could result in a high cost of energy for Richmond. Garages are situated right close to your home. Your home heats up by letting air in through gaps in the garage doors as well as the walls that connect it. The difference between a cold and warm home is as simple as weatherproofing your entryway and insulating the garage.

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