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The Importance of Backlinks to Rank on Search Engines

Dec 30

Backlinks are one of the two essential aspects of successful SEO. Every and each site needs backlinks to rank higher on search engines.

Tips to get quality backlinks

When trying to get backlinks, in addition to choosing sites with a good reputation and related to your topic, set yourself the objective of having the highest possible authority.

You can easily know the domain authority (DA) through different platforms that you can consult or install in your browser so that you can easily access this data.

The backlinks must be natural, or at least seem so. Let's remember that what has value for search engines are not the links, but the information they provide to the user.

For a link to work, it has to appear or directly demonstrate that it is there to enrich the information for the benefit of the person who is consulting the resource, not for SEO!

Surely you already know that Google knows, detects and penalizes artificial practices to get backlinks.

Another factor to take into account is variety: you will get a much better result if you are linked from 10 different sites (of course we are talking about reputable sites) than if you are linked 10 times from the same domain.

There are two types of backlinks: "do follow" and "no follow". The most powerful for SEO are the first ones, which are the ones that transmit authority to the page that receives them. The seconds are not as important for positioning, although they are also valuable as a source of traffic.

Besides trying to get quality links, you should also take care of them not being changed or deleted by using different SEO tools that allow to check the links automatically. There is also Links Guardian, the first link checker and tracker in the SEO market. This tool allows to check and track all your links, and in case of changes, notifies you.

How do I know if a link is "dofollow" or "no follow"?

Easy! No follow links include the rel="nofollow" attribute in their code. Knowing what type of link your page has received is as simple as going to the linking page, right-clicking, and selecting "View Page Source Code." A simple search with "CTRL+F" will show you the link.

How to get backlinks? The best strategies

The best way to get links to your site is the natural one, which we have already discussed: creating fantastic, unbeatable content, so that others decide to link to it spontaneously.

These are the backlinks preferred by Google. Obviously, it is easier said than done, especially if your site is little known and/or you have few resources.

Start with the easy! There are backlinks that you can create directly. For example, including the address of your website in your LinkedIn profile, or adding your site to content aggregators such as MKTFan or Reddit.

A good strategy is to investigate what the competition is doing, especially those who rank better than you. There are tools that allow you to extract all the backlinks that a certain page is receiving.

Find out where your competitors are linking from and try to get a link from the best sites on that list too.

You can write to them offering a guest article, a true backlink classic. Or ask them to interview you! If you have knowledge that adds value to your readers and you know how to raise it, it is possible that you will win a new link.

Do you know the technique of broken links? It consists of looking for broken links on websites, creating good related content and writing to the site's webmaster to link to your resource.

Another tactic is to search for sites that have mentioned your page or your brand without linking to you, and write to the webmasters politely requesting that they do so.

And if you ask, investigate whether it is worth gaining a backlink from the companies with which you collaborate or have a relationship. Take advantage of the trust!

In the event that you have little time but some money, you can sponsor an event in your sector: it may cost less money than you think. Nowadays, most of the event organizers establish different categories of sponsors, it is possible that you will find one within reach of your pocket.

As a last recommendation: be constant in the management of your backlinks. Set yourself the goal of earning a new one every so often; And do not forget to include the periodic review of the links that your site receives. Very soon you will start to notice the effects on your SEO!