All About Central News Magazine Recognized as Croatia's Top Webshop for 2023

Feb 27

Celebrating Success: Recognized as Croatia's Top Webshop for 2023

With great pride and excitement, we announce that Bima has been named the premier webshop in Croatia for the year 2023!

This prestigious recognition is a result of our team's dedicated efforts in providing exceptional online shopping experiences throughout Croatia. We extend sincere gratitude to you, our valued customers, for your unwavering support and trust. Without you, this achievement would not have been possible.

We also extend heartfelt thanks to all our employees who have contributed to this remarkable success through their hard work and dedication.

The Bima webshop team, comprised of Mihael Kunac, Tamara Slunjski, and Goran Peremin, is credited with securing the title of Croatia's best webshop for 2023. Their expertise, commitment, and hard work are key factors in the success of our website.

It is their tireless dedication that has propelled our website to such outstanding success.

We express sincere gratitude to the team for their invaluable contribution to the success of and the prestigious eCommAwards.

Croatian Webshop of the Year: eCommAwards 2023 Results

This award serves as proof that we are on the right path and that our efforts have not been in vain. We will continue to invest effort and energy to provide you with the best possible service, highest quality products, and most competitive prices. As a company, we have always strived to be innovative, fast, and adaptable to your needs.

Once again, we want to thank our loyal customers and all the employees of the company.

Thank you for the loyalty and trust you have bestowed upon us. This award is our motivation to continue working even better and being even better for you.

About the eCommAwards, according to the judgments of the expert jury of this year's exclusive eCommAwards event organized by the eCommerce Croatia association, has been declared the Croatian webshop of the year.

The eCommAwards ceremony brought together over 100 people at its fifth edition, and for the first time, it was held as an exclusive event separate from the annual CRO Commerce conference.

The expert jury evaluated 74 webshops in six categories:

  • User Experience (UX)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Legal Compliance
  • Analytics
  • Content and Marketing
  • Buyer’s Journey

Acknowledgment and Recognition

In addition to the main award for the best webshop in Croatia, Bima has been ranked in the top 10 for other areas of assessment:

  • Badge for top 10 Buyer’s Journey
  • Badge for top 10 Content
  • Badge for top 10 Legal Compliance
  • Badge for top 10 SEO
  • Badge for top 10 UX was recently recognized as the best webshop of 2023 in Croatia. While there are other Croatian online shopping sites you can explore, when it comes to the best webshops in Croatia, undoubtedly stands out.

Webshops are a popular way of online shopping, and in Croatia, there are several high-quality webshops. The internet trade in Croatia is highly developed, and Bima-Shop is among the leaders in this field.