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Are You Ready To Make Money With Your Website?

Oct 30

How To Make Money With Your Business Website

In order to really thrive on the web, you need the best web design and digital marketing company behind you.  Not only do we at All The Marbles Web Design and SEO make your business or personal website look beautiful but we are Experts in SEO – Search Engine Marketing – So that your site will dominate over your competition. This way, you can ensure that your site makes the best first impression and that it has that professional sheen that allows you to compete with the very top players in your industry. Your new website will now be view-able on any device, so that you never have to be worried or worse, ashamed, of how your website is seen. And, we don’t just talk about it, we roll up our sleeves and get in the trenches and ‘do’ the work.

What does that look like?

  • We ask the questions, take pictures for you, find access to profiles that were created years ago and nobody knows how to access
  • We develop useful content that helps drive website traffic and build trust so random clicks on your website turn into actual customers.
  • We look at how ALL your competitors, no matter how big or small, (and even in surrounding states), are doing in dozens of areas and we fight to make your stronger than ALL of them – in every area!
  • We bring an owner’s mindset to your project and take your success personally.Whether it’s a list of fresh ideas, website development, copywriting, or project management, we have you covered. Our secret to bringing our clients so much value is that we are very selective when it comes to who we work with. We never have more than 20 clients at a time and never work with more than one company in the same industry.

A fantastic website needs to make the best impression as quickly as you load it up.

This means it needs to look extremely expert, modern, attractive and crisp and should feature high resolution images and an user-friendly design. At the same time, it needs to be effective in right away interacting what your website has to do with, who it’s focused on and what you’re selling if you’re a company. If somebody lands on your page and they don’t instantly understand exactly what it is that you’re selling/providing then they will likely leave within the minute. Then they need to understand where to click, ways to get the details they want and exactly what to do next. Don’t be mistaken– a minute is really a fairly average amount of time for punters to invest in any website!

However nowadays, it’s inadequate for a web design to just look the part. At the same time, it needs to be developed with SEO in mind so that Google can easily browse and index its pages and content. It also needs to deal with all manner of different screen sizes and devices. If your website does not use a responsive design for mobile, if it does not have touch-friendly controls, then you are going to get penalized by Google and you’re going to lose visitors.

Your page needs to fill quickly, it has to present info in the right manner and it needs to be free from mistakes. This is all part and parcel of fantastic web design and web development.

Contact Us Today and let us get you started on making money with your website. Our expertise is in helping local Bellingham and Washington State businesses succeed online through our complete offering of web design and digital marketing services. If you have any questions about our services and how we can help your Bellingham business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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