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How Honolulu Businesses can use Social Media To Succeed

Nov 3

Social media is an important tool for businesses of all sizes. Social media can help Honolulu businesses establish relationships with customers, market their products or services, build trust and credibility, and connect with potential leads. However, it's not enough to simply have a Facebook page. Jumping onto social media without any direction will make you successful on the social scene, but success can also be about being smarter than your competition.

Following are some tips for Honolulu businesses to use social media successfully:

1. First off, do you have a voice?

When starting out on social media it's important to determine what that voice is going to look like. Is your company fun and friendly, or more professional and conservative? Determining your voice will help you shape the content you publish across all media channels, from Facebook to Instagram.

2 . Social media should support your overall marketing goals

Before choosing a single social network platform, think about the goals you have for your company's efforts on social media. These goals should tie into your overall business strategy and help you develop a plan to be successful. We spoke to Earl Ohana owner of the the premier Concrete Contractors Honolulu company about their social media goals and strategies, "We wanted to create a catalog of our work so that costumers could see for themselves the quality of work we were producing for our clients. That is why we chose Instagram as our primary channel".

3 . Are your employees ready for social media?

The answer should always be yes, but that doesn't mean they know it yet. Educating your entire staff on how to navigate the social sphere will not only help them succeed, but protect the company as well.

4 . Pick Your Platforms

The most popular platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn are great choices for Honolulu businesses. Many of the most popular brands have multiple accounts across different social networks to position themselves in front of their target audiences. It's important to match your strategy with the right network to avoid wasting time and resources.

5 . Develop an editorial calendar

Be smart about what messages you put out there. You should be consistent in your messaging and publishing frequency across each platform, but if you're posting the same thing to multiple platforms it will start to look very unnatural and people may begin to notice. A great way to avoid this is by creating an editorial calendar that mixes up content types and posts at staggered intervals so nothing feels repetitive.

You'll want to do a mix of pictures, videos, long content, short content, and other types of posts to keep your audience engaged.

6 . Focus on engagement, not just creating content

Don't lose sleep over the number of followers or fans you have. It's more important to engage with your audience on a personal level rather than try to sell to them all the time. Followers who interact with your posts are much more likely to be interested in your services and buy from you.

We all know that social media is a place where we can connect with our customers, but business owners should be careful not to just post whatever they want. Instead, put some thought into their Facebook posts and other social media messages so they are always engaging their fans. Being successful on social means being smart about the networks you choose, what kind of content you post, and who you interact with.

Creating a social media strategy for your business is a great way to continue to grow and make connections in your area.


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