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How is the process of developing a new website in Wordpress?

Oct 13

Professional WordPress website tailored to your wishes and needs

Although WordPress is a user-friendly system, it is not always something you want to jump into. It can also be difficult to develop your WordPress hjemmeside website exactly the way you want it. At SEO Denmark, we offer a range of WordPress services that are tailored to your requirements.
Everything is designed from scratch according to your wishes, as we believe that this provides the best conditions for the right website for your company. We make sure that the website lives up to your exact requirements so that it really meets your needs.

Our team of designers and developers are WordPress specialists, and we all work hard to understand and gain insight into your business. Hereby we ensure that we deliver a website that is in line with the vision of your company.

We pride ourselves on producing professional and functional WordPress websites that can help take your business to another level.

How does the process of developing a WordPress website go?

When you contact us to create your WordPress website, the process goes like this:

  • Contact: Who is the customer? We always start out with an understanding of you and your business. We want to track down what you want to achieve, the type of customer you want to attract, etc. After our talk to understand your needs, we will suggest the right strategy to achieve the desired goals.
  • Design and development: Then our professional designers start to make the design for your website. We make ongoing evaluations, so you can see if any changes need to be made, etc. You must always approve the website before proceeding to the next step.
  • SEO optimization: We make sure that the new WordPress website is built with a structure that has built-in SEO optimization from the start. A user-friendly website is also typically a google-friendly website.
  • Finally, you can take a look at your website, and we can talk about whether we have got all your wishes and needs in order. For us, it is essential that your new website represents you and your business in the best possible way.

Reach your customers with an SEO-optimized WordPress website

As search engines evolve, your website should also keep up with these updates. Failure to do so may affect the ranking of the website on various search engines. Therefore, SEO is an ongoing process.

One of the primary benefits of hiring us as your SEO agency is that we take care of the necessary technical details and footwork when it comes to optimizing your website’s SEO.

WordPress is built with SEO in mind and comes with lots of search engine friendly features. So even though in theory it is possible for you to make your own optimization, it is not certain that you will see the results you want. Getting help from us is an easy and simple way that you can reach your customers.

We have helped more than 1,000 Danish companies with SEO optimization

When we started developing websites in WordPress, we spent a really long time figuring out which themes are best to do SEO in. Based on our experience and knowledge, we know how important it is that the technical basis is correct. We have landed on what we use today, based on many different tests.
This means that we at SEO Denmark have an incredibly solid foundation for creating an SEO-optimized WordPress website. It is based on experiments and tests of all the best WordPress themes on the market.
With the help of our scientific tests, we have selected the fastest loading theme for WordPress. This is important because the loading speed of a website has become one of the most important factors at all when it comes to ranking with Google. In addition, over the years we have built up a unique knowledge of which plugins are best suited for SEO and speed optimization.

We are very happy with WordPress as there are many plugins that assist us in our work with SEO. So it is a good system to work in for SEO experts. Furthermore, it is easy for us to work in when we need to make good SEO results for companies.
At SEO Denmark, we have many years of experience and knowledge regarding SEO optimization and have since 2008 helped more than 1,000 Danish companies with SEO optimization of their website.

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