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Keywords that Every Article Should Have for SEO

Jul 19

Given how important it is for your articles or blog posts to trend on Google to gain any kind of traction, it is essential to include the correct keywords to utilize the search engine’s algorithm. While there are certain functions Google has that can be used to your advantage, ranking high on Google also requires a clear knowledge of what keywords will get you in the first page of the search results (usually the only page people ever look at). Below are some tips to find the most Google-friendly keywords, as well as ways to use Google’s devices for assistance.

What Are Keywords?

If you are a writer looking to make your work as visible as possible to a large audience, keywords are your best friend. Keywords are words or phrases that trend very high on Google searches due to their popularity. In other words, if there is a word or phrase that people search very often in relation to your topic, including those words and phrases greatly increase the chances of Google placing that article among the top search results. People rarely scroll past the first results page of Google, so using keywords to boost your ranking is essential.

While it can be quite difficult to rank for a single keyword, that is not much of an issue since people will often search in phrases. Someone probably wouldn’t search “Toronto” but instead, “Best Restaurant in Downtown Toronto.” As long as you include a mix of keywords (Toronto, Downtown, Restaurant) and key phrases (“Places to Visit in Downtown Toronto”) that people might search, your writing will rank high on Google.       

Which Keywords Are Important?

The most important keywords to use obviously varies based on what your topic is, but there are some details to keep in mind when doing your keyword research. Firstly, think about what kind of words people might use when searching a topic. If you are writing about vr technology, for example, think of the words that people could associate and search about that topic (virtual reality, augmented reality, vr headset, ar devices, oculus rift, etc.).

The importance of SEO is that your article can become easy to find via Google searches if any popular term related to your writing can be found by the algorithm. The more keywords you have, the easier time Google will have to find you. Finding keywords may initially seem daunting, but there are functions on Google that can be utilized to help you. 


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