Kittycoin Review – What Makes It Different from Dogecoin?


In the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency and blockchain development, not all tokens are created equal. Most people are familiar with Bitcoin, the original digital currency token supported on a legacy blockchain, and they know about its status as a trading commodity and monetary unit. Over the last few years, we have seen the emergence of other tokens that provide utility beyond their nature as digital currencies, and this is the case with Kittycoin.

Similar to Dogecoin, the wildly successful token that was born out of a funny Reddit meme, Kittycoin is based on popular internet memes involving adorable cats, but there is another aspect that makes it unique. Kittycoin has a noble and charitable governance angle whereby token holders and blockchain users get to vote on which animal rescue operations and shelters get 10% of network proceeds.

The charity voting feature of Kittycoin truly sets it apart because of its philanthropic and altruistic objectives. The animal shelter facilities that qualify to receive Kittycoin donations must adhere to the no-kill philosophy, which means that animals are not subject to euthanasia unless they are affected with a terminal illness that decimates their quality of life. Many of these shelters also provide community services such as veterinarian care, spaying, neutering, and pet adoption.

Getting started with Kittycoin is as easy as playing with a kitten. Many digital wallets support the token, and new users can get started with a generous airdrop of 10,000 Kittycoins. Transferring these tokens to wallets held by friends results in even more airdrops, and there is even a token mining system that you can participate in simply by downloading and installing a mining app. Naturally, you can also purchase Kittycoins and become an early investor in a venture that has great promise and significant potential for trading in the near future.


Jeffrey Rabinowitz