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Why SEO is pull marketing - main driver for conversions

Oct 10

Why SEO is pull marketing - main driver for conversions


What is SEO

SEO is an abbreviation for the words Search engine optimization. Its a misnomer, since its not search engines you are optimizing, its webpages. So, what is seo? SEO is the art or science of optimizing webpages. The purpose is to get them to appear higher up in the different search engines results. Today, most poeple think of SEO as Google optimization. This is so, because about 93% of all traffic from search engines come from Google. So to be succesfull with your SEO, you need to be successfull in ranking your website in Google.

Optimize content for your users, not search engines

Google is very clever, but it is not human. Its a machine that uses certain rules to understand your text. The things you might want to do to your website to rank it, might not be very beneficial for the reading experience. Lets take an example. Keyword stuffing is a very well known way of doing SEO. This makes it very easy for Google to understand what your text is about. But it makes the text very hard to read for a human. And it will be very unlikely for humans to trust your website, if you use keyword stuffing. Allways remember to write text for humans, not machines.

The history of SEO

Around 1995, webmasters started to recognize the value of optimizing webpages. In 1997 Google started their search engine. In the beginning, the search engines used links to catalogue the internet. Only later, the content itself became important for SEO. Initially, all web designers only needed to submit the address of a web page, or link, to the numerous engines which would send a web crawler to crawl that page, essence links to various other pages from it, and also return details located on the web page to be indexed. The process includes an online search engine crawler downloading a web page and also storing it on the online search engine's very own web server.

Why is SEO important - pull or push marketing

There are many different ways to market your companys website. We divide marketing into two categories: Pull marketing or push marketing.

What is push marketing

The purpose of push marketing is to deliver your message, service or product where the users are. This does not matter if they have an interest in your product or not, and it doesnt matter if they know you.

What is pull marketing

The purpose of pull marketing is to deliver your service, product or message to the users. SEO falls into the pull marketing category. 

Why pull marketing has a higher conversion rate

The benefit of using pull marketing is, that people are actively searching for your product or service. They are searching on Google, and if your search result appears, they are very likely to convert. This is in contrast to push marketing, where they dont know you, and probably dont have an interest in your product